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  • Hi,
    I have released a beta version of my dropdown menu plugin.

    It works fine for most of my users, but for some bizarre reason a few of them are having issues with the CSS file not rendering in some browsers.

    I’ve written a post about this on Sitepoint asking for help, but no one has replied with an answer yet …

    The CSS for the plugin is accessed by the page via a style.php file. This file grabs the CSS from the WP database and is set to output text/css which it does – even in examples where it doesn’t work!

    The file can be accessed directly via a web browser and any attempts I make to confirm that it is indeed serving text/css headers all confirm that it is working fine. However whenever I try to render it in a browser via <link rel="stylesheet" ... it doesn’t render the CSS on the page at all.

    I have a demo of the problem in action here …

    Any ideas on what is going wrong? I’m totally baffled.

    At the moment I’m providing instructions to users on how to setup the plugin manually without the style.php file, but that’s not ideal and I badly want to figure out what the cause is so they don’t have to deal with this annoying problem.

    This file on my own site works fine … style.php

    But this one on another site doesn’t render the CSS … style.php

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  • I forgot to add that users are claiming this is occurring after switching their permalinks.

    One user reported it when using the following permalink structure … /category/year/month/day/blog

    This seems completely nonsensical to me as the permalinks should have absolutely zero impact on how a separate script held within my plugin is operating. But none the less, that is what they are reporting.

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