[resolved] Style.css for Twenty Ten: Need to change font and font colour (6 posts)

  1. Auriel
    Posted 10 months ago #

    I'm using Twenty Ten because of it's simplicity, stability and predictable results.

    I know it must be ridiculously obvious to anyone else but I can't find where to edit the style.css to change the font-family for the menu. I want a higher contrast link colour in the menu body and I can't understand where the stanza for that is. I want to change the background colour on mouse over too.

    Apart from that I also can't see where to declare the font-family for the name of a logged in member on the right side in the Primary Widget Area.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  2. intern101
    Posted 10 months ago #

    style.css is located in Appearance>Editor or you can edit it thought ftp. wordpress>wp-content>themes>twentyten>style.css

  3. Andrew
    Nuh uh moderator
    Posted 10 months ago #

    If you're not using a Child Theme, and if the theme doesn't have a designated section of the dashboard for CSS modifications then install this Custom CSS Manager plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-css-manager-plugin

    Then use its "CSS Code" section of the dashboard to hold your CSS modifications.

    Alternatively use your Child Theme style.css file to hold your CSS modifications.

  4. Auriel
    Posted 10 months ago #

    I made a backup of the plain vanilla style.css then modified the css. There are some comments in the file that help a little bit. Thank you both for trying to help but what I need is someone to point out where the section of the style.css is that controls the menu's font-family, font colour, colors of hover and visited.

    I repeat I know where in the style.css is the section that controls the menu. I've already been parsing through it but don't understand where that section is.

  5. stephencottontail
    Posted 10 months ago #

    Using a web inspecting tool like Firebug will help you figure out what you need to change. Also, check out http://themesandco.com/snippet/firebug-best-spent-6-minutes/ for more information.

  6. Auriel
    Posted 10 months ago #

    Thank you everyone.


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