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  • I recently started a wordpress theme design for a client, and I’m having trouble getting edits to the style.css stylesheet to take effect.

    For a while, it would work fine, albeit slowly. I would make my edits, upload the new style.css file, and about 5 minutes later, those edits would be reflected in the design. But now, no matter how many times I refresh, none of my edits to the style.css file seem to have any effect on the theme.

    Any ideas what might be causing this issue? I haven’t made any changes to any other files in the theme. Only the style.css file. My tweaks just don’t show up reflected in the theme design when I test it. It’s like it’s caching an old version of the style.css file that doesn’t have any of my recent edits in it. Thanks in advance to any who help.

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  • Have you cleared your browser’s cache? Are you (or is your server) running any caching plugins/scripts/services?

    If not… are you sure you’re uploading changes to the correct theme directory on your server? When you examine the style.css source in your browser (I’d recommend Firebug or a similar addon) do your changes appear?

    Yes, I’ve cleared my browser’s cache. I think it might be related to Firefox itself though, because if I load the theme up in Chrome, I see the latest edits. I’m using the latest Firefox, 6.0.1.

    It’s weird. I use a 0MB cache for Firefox, and I use a Ctrl+F5 to hard refresh the page for a clean reload, but in Firefox it still caches the old stylesheet. I don’t think the client has any caching plugins or whatnot installed.

    I do use Firebug for Firefox as well. When I load the style.css up in it, the latest changes don’t show up there either.

    Yeah, weird. Sounds like a Firefox problem since it’s working in other browsers. A Google search turned up a similar query with regards to a Joomla website from July 2011:

    Reply To: [Resolved] Resizing footer whoas

    So possibly a FF6 bug?

    Must be. Thanks for the digging 🙂

    It’s back working again in Firefox. Just seems like it works when it wants to. Very weird.

    same problem that I found. How I fix this? 🙁

    In my case, not a firefox bug. Also I checked in IE, same!!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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