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  • I am trying to make Alex’s Style Switcher work.
    The problem is that it points to my WP installation directory and not where I have the index.php.
    What should I change in the wp-style-switcher.php so that it will go for my correct index.php? (home) (siteurl -install dir)

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  • When I installed the style switcher, all I did was follow the instructions as it says word for word.
    So just to be sure, ensure that:
    You upload the wp-style-switcher.php file into your content/plugins/ dir
    Enable the plugin in your admin panel
    Change @import url( <?php echo $siteurl; ?>/wp-layout.css ); to @import url( <?php wp_stylesheet(); ?> ); in your index.php
    You’ve already added the switch bit:
    <?php wp_style_switcher(0); ?>
    allowing to switch from the page.
    It could be that your styles are not in the correct structure?
    I would suggest wp-style/dir of style name/style.css so the css needs to be style.css not blue.css for example.
    Go through the process again from scratch, it only takes a few minutes and I’m sure it will work.

    Well I did change the “siteurl” with “home” and now it just reloads the page.
    and I also changed the path for the wp-style directory
    And I checked everything was done as the included instructions!
    I hope someone can help me with that…

    I would put it wherever your index.php is. That is a great way to avoid problems. 🙂

    You mean put wp-style-switcher.php where my index.php is ? But then how will it work as a plugin ? Isnt it supposed to be in the pluggins folder ?
    Thanks 🙂

    Yes I have read it. Its very detailed too !
    But it refers to the older Style switcher and the use of my-hacks.php. Now the Style switcher is a plugin isnt it ?
    Thanks for your effort to help me sort this out.
    I tried the styleswitcher.js from ALA and its working well.
    So I think I will stick to that for now…
    Thanks again !

    both of them are out there, the old one and the 1.2 one which confused me at first too. if you go back to alex’s software page and select the 1.2 plugin option list, i am pretty sure that will give you the correct version. check the readme file for references to plugins, which is how you’ll know you have the right one.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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