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  • Resolved ypeynaud


    thanks for this update. However, it seems that the toolbar styles do not apply correctly in the admin view (only).
    This is probably because I use the “Light” Admin color scheme and not the default Admin color scheme. The “Light” styles should supersede WPS Toolbar ones.
    Behavior is then strange: when configuring the toolbar styles, it displays correctly. But it is lost when saving and changing page.

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  • Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    For WP 3.8, I have changed the way the preview is done, and activated it at the Styles tab of the plugin options page, solely. As per the Changelog, v0.22:

    “Change: WP 3.8 compliance, preview now only active on the Styles tab”

    This should not be dependant upon the Admin Color scheme chosen. However, I do notice a few glitches when no value is set in WPST for colors, the Toolbar doesn’t pick the correct color for icons, fonts and backgrounds, is this what you observe too ?

    So you mean that the WPST plugin does not set the toolbar styles for the admin view (backend), but only for the user view? OK, I simply didn’t catch that! So it works well: it only previews the user view on active Styles tab, that’s correct.
    Nota: I actually wanted to have exactly the same toolbar styles in admin view as in user view, and I thought WPST was doing it… Never mind, I will write some admin toolbar custom styles.
    Regarding your question: yes, I observe the same glitches as you do, independently of the selected Admin color scheme… Can’t understand further.

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    The reasonning behind was that I didn’t want to ruin the efforts the WP team had made to style the admin dashboard, and I thought it would be better to keep its consistency.

    For next version I can add the option to choose whether the custom style shall apply to the Toolbar on all dashboard pages for all users (3.7.1-like), so the Toolbar would remain the same sidewide for all users, or only to the Styles tab (3.8-like), so the Toolbar adheres to the admin color scheme chosen by each user.

    I will also address the various glitches in fonts and background colors. Sorry for these.

    Oh, good if you further provide the option to keep the toolbar sitewide! So I will wait a while before making rough custom styling on my own…

    Plugin Author Guillaume Assire


    I’ve uploaded a development version, available as a zip file here, that should fix most of the issues with style, both in 3.8 and before.

    I’ve also added the option to choose to use the custom style accross the whole dashboard (so that the backend meets the frontend in the Toolbar), or only as a preview at the Styles tab of the plugin options page. This option is at the bottom of the Styles tab.

    Feedback most appreciated !

    Works just perfectly! Both with or without the toolbar looking the same across the whole site, backend & frontend. No more gliches in styles.
    That’s great to me, many thx!

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