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  • I have completely redone my site. I started with a Gemini theme and built from there. I have employed plugins to show recent comments, gravatars and quicktags for comments, and a theme switcher, so I now have a “light” option to my usual dark theme.

    Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, yeah. Thanks to Root and especially Podz who have helped me more than they know along the way.

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  • I hate to bump this and I won’t do it again. But since I posted this it occured to me that I should check my site in IE, (duh!) which I discovered was mangling my layout. So I fixed it.

    To do so I changed the widths on my rap, content and sidebar to ‘px’ values rather than ’em’ values. (For whatever reason, IE was drawing everything ‘narrower’ than it was showing up in FF. AND the menu was clashing with the content and getting pushed down below.)

    Perhaps the difference was that I defined my header image in ‘px’ while other stuff was in ’em’ (?)

    At what point does my Gemini based theme become too “hacked to bits” for Root’s taste? I tried to stay true to it. I really did.

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