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  • I went take a look at by indication of WP’s DevBlog. There is is said:
    In order to make a template “WP-ized?, you must have these four lines at the very beginning of your template:
    $blog = 1;
    If you want your weblog in a separate directory than where WordPress is installed, then you should replace wp-blog-header.php with the full path to wp-blog-header.php.
    Is that all there is to it? Doesn’t seem so, from other threads in this forum…

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  • I tried it on my test blog.
    Following the instructions you quoted gives you a working index.php in the other directory, but all the links on the page still point to the old directory. For example, the link to the weblog, from the title still points to
    I tried changing the blogurl in the admin interface, and that caused me to be unable to do any administration after I saved the changes, since all call were to files as if they were in the new directory.
    So you can do it, provided you are willing to live with all links on the moved index still pointing to the directory where WP is installed. Also, I copied the index.php file, did not move it between directories. If you move it, then it will be broken.

    I think i will wait for a future release of WP when you can choose diferent installation and blog directories, then. This is just some over-organization will of mine…

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