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    Hi there, I am currently setting up a site and have started using your plugin for the course content.
    One of the main hurdles I am facing is our need to create a report that shows us ALL students that have completed a course; the course name; and the achievement name that has been awarded.
    I can see that you have a report that shows an individual student and their achievements, but we need to see the full list of students.
    I do have WP Export which is great for exporting data and I can enter custom php functions or add custom fields into the report, however I just don’t know how to locate the ‘course name’ and ‘achievement name’ variable for each student (keeping in mind that one student might be enrolled in multiple courses.
    Any thoughts on how I could achieve this or can you point me in the right direction?

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  • Plugin Author Thomas Patrick Levy


    Hey @tread,

    It’s unfortunately not as simple as pulling a “variable” out of a custom field in the database but I can point you to our database documentation which outlines how achievement data is saved in LifterLMS: https://lifterlms.com/docs/lifterlms-database-description/#data-wp_lifterlms_user_postmeta

    A student’s achievement is stored with an “achievement id”, this ID is the ID of a post in the wp_posts table where the name of that achievement would be stored.

    I’m not sure if WP Export could handle this kind of relational storage but if it can that’s where you’d want to start.

    I’m sorry if this doesn’t help you. We’re always trying to improve our reporting functionality and while I feel our reporting is good, for every new user it seems like there’s a few dozen new requirements for how we need to build our reporting. We’ve spent a significant amount of time trying to gather information on how to improve our reporting and what we’ve learned is that we need to collect A LOT more data and we’re working towards rebuilding our data collection architecture. After that, we’re working down the road of exposing a lot more information in the form of 100% customizable reports (as in if it’s in the database you can export it in a CSV or something) but we’re a while away from that today.

    I hope you can find away around this today and I’m sorry if you can’t.

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