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    Hey folks. Trying to take the plugin for a test drive, but after installing and activating it, it seems to be stuck on “Waiting For Initial Scores: 93%” — it’s been sitting there for over half an hour and when I open the pegasaas page in the admin, it triggers the same onboarding flow and then gets stuck at same place.

    Any tips for how to debug or figure out what’s going on?

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    Thanks for the heads up on this.

    I identified the same issue earlier today and am testing a couple of different scenarios to ensure we have it solved.

    It appears there was a bug in the last update, where I consolidated some common code, that caused the WordPress site home to not get identified as having acceleration enabled.

    This effectively “hung” the “initialization sequence” as it waits on minimally the home page to optimize and scan.

    Will update this thread once the patch is out.

    Plugin Author Pegasaas


    Version 2.2.6 has just been released and addresses this issue.

    And please accept apologies for not catching your message here sooner — you were the first to use the forum and I didn’t realize that as the plugin author I wasn’t automatically subscribed to get notifications of messages. That’s also now been resolved.

    Please let me know if you notice anything else amiss. We have a few issues we’re tracking ( and features we’ll be adding over the course of the next couple of months.

    Any feedback you have is welcome and appreciated.

    Plugin looks fantastic, however it seems I’m having the exact same issue. It gets stuck on 93% and I get these errors in the console:

    A bad HTTP response code (400) was received when fetching the script.
    Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE

    Plugin Author Pegasaas


    Hey @bromedia — sorry to hear about the hung installation.

    Happy to investigate and troubleshoot though — I’ve initiated a support ticket on your behalf, to the email that was used when initializing the plugin, so that we can get to the bottom of this.

    Please let me know if you do not get the message from our support system.

    Thanks for the response @pegasaas, I haven’t received a message from your support system just yet. I’m happy to provide emails, logins or debug info though if it’ll help.

    Plugin Author Pegasaas


    @bromedia — sorry, took me a couple of minutes to get the ticket going. Let me know if it still has not arrived. If you want to use a different email address, you can start a ticket by going to

    Plugin Author Pegasaas


    @bromedia — thank you for allowing us to dig into your installation! It certainly wasn’t something that was obvious.

    It turns out that the geographic distance from this particular web server to our API was what was the issue. By increasing the timeout time from 1 to 5 seconds, in this installation, for request submissions to the API has resolved the issue.

    Given what we experienced with this installation, we will increase the timeout for these requests to 5 seconds in the next release scheduled later this week.

    Thanks again for all your help @pegasaas, you’re doing fantastic work here.

    Plugin Author Pegasaas


    We’ve just identified another issue that would cause the “stuck on waiting for initial scores” problem.

    We’ll be releasing the patch for this on Friday February 22nd (v2.2.11), but in the mean time, you can try to resolve the issue yourself.

    The problem arises from the admin panel being loaded via HTTPS but the Settings -> WordPress URL and Settings -> Site Address being set as HTTP. If you change the Settings -> WordPress URL & Site Address fields to HTTPS, then the installation should will proceed.

    Please let us know if you continue to have troubles with this type of problem, and the above solution does not resolve.

    Sorry but Version: 2.8.5 from August 2019 still stuck on “Waiting For Initial Scores: 93%”, shame because it looks really good.

    Plugin Author Pegasaas


    Hey @docampowales

    Yes, this (unfortunately) happens occasionally, in all versions, and is usually due to whether the API can serve back the optimized resources to the plugin. If it cannot, then the “installer” gets stuck on the 93%.

    If you can initiate a support ticket at and let me know your domain name, I will launch an investigation to see if there’s something that we can adjust in our API.

    Kind regards,
    Brandon Devnich

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