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    Whew! This stuff is tough to a newbie! Ok, so I’m trying to add a timeline of my kids’ milestones. I figured out that I needed a new page. I created one (Admin screen -> Create Page) but didn’t like the look of it. My code was fine but the page included some things I didn’t want like the date at the top and comments at the bottom. I read around and looked for a page.php template so I could modify it but my theme didn’t have one. So where was the template WP was using for my new page!?

    Anyway, then I found the index.php file, copied it, deleted the middle stuff and put the template “Snarfer” stuff at the top (calling it timeline of course instead of Snarfer). Then I made another new page based on my new template, putting in the code I used before. When viewed, the header, sidebar, and footer pulled in fine. My table where I had laid out all my data however was absent(missing when I viewed source as well). If I go into the Admin screen and edit the page, my code is still there.

    What happened? I want the original template (the one I couldn’t find) back but so I can edit it. Can someone send me in the right direction, please?

    Thanks to anyone who can answer me. Sorry it’s probably such a stupid (long!) beginners’ question.

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  • One possible cause: if you are putting in your own code – never use the wysiwyg editor!

    Ummm…To input the HTML code I use the HTML button at the top of the WYSIWYG editor. Also my code is a huge table. I don’t know how else to lay out something into two columns. Could that be the problem?

    The wysiwyg strips your code, so yes, that’s a problem. You’ll need to disable the wysiwyg (your profile page in wp-admin/users, scroll to the bottom, uncheck the box on the left).

    Sounds like you stripped the Loop out of the page template, thereby the Page’s data is not being pulled in.

    Thanks for all your help. So great to know how to turn off the WYSIWYG. I don’t think we’ve quite hit on the problem yet though. After I made the new page the first time, I used the same process to input my table of code and it showed up just fine. The only problem was that the template included some things I wanted to get rid of.

    The files in my theme folder are:
    timeline.php – The one I created which isn’t working.

    When I created a new page, where did it get the template from? It showed the title of page, the date of the posted, posted by, and comments, so it obviously wasn’t a blank page. That is what is vexing me.

    Although I guess you all are right that I just could fix my template.php file. It just feels like it’d be so much longer…

    Woohoo! I fixed it. I looked into what you meant by taking out the php loop. I thought it didn’t matter, that I was hardcoding the page. But now I see that isn’t true. I bet it was using index.php as my default page template. I copied it and took out the parts I didn’t want. Don’t know for sure what everything is there for but I’m so thankful for your help!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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