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    Ok so far I think that I have followed the installation instructions completely – they were a very difficult and time consuming (for me).

    I am a very advanced “computer operator”, but behind the scenes stuff frustrates me to no end!

    ANYWAY, I was on the last step of installation: I entered I was then assigned a username and random password.

    That’s where it stops (I read I was supposed to get an email with the password, I did not), but I wrote password down anyway. Then I try to go to wp-login.php in next step and get the message: __(‘Already Installed’).’

    ‘.__(‘You appear to have already installed WordPress. To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.’).’


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  • Have you tried to scrap everything, and try again?

    No, if I had to scrap everything and try again – that would make me very sad and angry!

    I have already clawed my way to where I am now! Please tell me starting over is not necessary!!!!

    Let me also ask this – I just changed the nameservers to the domain last night (they went from WP.Com to my new hosting server). Do you think this is related to the log-in problem? (i.e do I have to wait 48 hours to make sure the change takes effect??)

    I am just grasping a straws at this point, but could I be on to something??

    Hey Reno,

    It’s not that hard to start over again. All you need to do is recreate a new database, edit wp-config.ini file (add in database credential information). Upload, and then direct yourself to wp-admin/install.php path.

    It would only be a hassle if you had a pre-exisiting blog with posts that you want to keep, in which case would require you to recover those parts.

    Once you get the hang of it, it really IS the so-called: “Famous 5-Minute Install”…(depending on how long it takes you to upload of course)

    If this doesn’t work, just try again in 48 hours or so…and if that doesn’t work…well then…something is definitely wrong.

    ok, after waiting it out for a few hours, I am able to get to my WP login page. Now the problem is the password. As stated above in the original post, WP never emailed my the password originally (yes, I did enter my email address). Now I clicked on the lost password link to have a new password assigned. I reentered my email address, but


    But I have not received the original password email or the replace one. What in the world could be the problem now??

    You said in your first post that you wrote the password down… so enter it?

    To thisisedie, of course I tried that first, no luck!

    To Veitknight,

    Thanks for the link!!! It solved my problem! I was able to change my password from the phpmyadmin! Hugs & Kiss I am so grateful!

    BTW, I am still very annoyed the I have not received any of at least 3 emails to reset my password, I wonder what the heck the problem could be? Well at least I got to resent my password! Thanks again!!!

    I wonder what the heck the problem could be?

    It’s probably because your host has some emailing restrictions…most likely to stop email-spam from being sent out.

    I guess we can mark this one as resolved.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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