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  • Hey Timely,

    I am getting into big trouble during an update of your calendar. All my calendar themes have been deleted and I get this message in the back-end if I try to do anything admin related:

    Errors occurred while we tried to install your core Calendar Themes.

    Unable to create the Calendar Themes folder: /home/interacten/domains/

    Try to create this folder manually, then try again.

    I’ve created the folder manually. I also gave it the all the permissions available. But it won’t budge.

    This is really problematic, I’d like to be able to use the back-end after this. Can I maybe just use FTP to throw off the plugin at this point, or would that be ill-advised.

    Hope anyone can help,

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  • I’m getting the EXACT same issue 🙁

    Its 100% after installing All-In-One-Calendar, which I did 2 days ago. It affects all of the admin-panel, so I can’t even uninstall it.

    Quite irritating 🙁

    PS: You can just remove the AIOC by using the steps here:

    and just ONLY cut out the part of the string that belongs to AIOC.

    Hey Socialboost,

    I actually took the by myself dreaded approach after backing up de database. I threw the plugin files off and wordpress was it’s old self again. All the timely tables are still in the database, so I’ll need to figure a way to either re-install a new version (did you manage to re-install afterward?) or forget about it and just get another plugin + get rid of the plugin related tables in the database.

    It is really unforntunate that my folder got swiped though. I know you are supposed to back up tour sh*t, but this is quite brutal. Cruel even, I would say

    I’ve hit this issue as well. I’m basically going to kill the database and install and start over. I’ll see if I can find a working version of this plug-in that won’t blow everything up.

    The automatic update through dashboard didn’t work for me either and I had to do it manually.
    I deleted the OLD folders all-in-one-event-calendar from /wp-content/plugins/ and themes-ai1ec from /wp-content/.
    Then I copied the NEW folders all-in-one-event-calendar into /wp-content/plugins/ and themes-ai1ec in /wp-content/.
    Finally I activated the plugin from the dashboard. Now the plugin is updated and seems to work well again. Didn’t touch the database.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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