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    Does anyone else here have a calendar either in the sidebar or some location other than the monthly archive pages? If you do, did yours fail to move on to January 2006 when you made your first post this year? I made a post at 1:01AM this morning, but the calendar in my archives list is still stuck on December 2005. I am using <?php get_calendar(); ?> to call the calendar.

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  • Yup, mine are all stuck on December. On three sites I have 1.5.2, and my test blog has 2.0.. all of them are stuck on December.

    I’m in an email group for WordPress Learning Buddies, and a few ladies in there are experiencing a stuck calendar (still waiting on the others to reply in there).

    Moderator James Huff


    Well, then at least it isn’t me. ^_-

    I have submitted a bug report to the WordPress Trac:

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    And all your servers are in the same time zone as you are ?

    this works for me.

    An offhand guess is that your UTC server timing is different and hasn’t gone into the new year

    me too my calendar stuck in december 2005 my location is in the philippines. is the place matter?

    I’m U.S. Pacific and mine is stuck as well.

    regarding the calendar mine is ok now i just change the settings in admin panel the “GMT”

    OK…I’m sufficiently confused. My setting is: “UTC time is: 2006-01-01 2:59:13 pm” with it set to “-8”, which my poor math skills estimate to be 6:59:13am ALSO on the 1st of January. But the calendar is stuck on December of 2005. When I change the “-8” to “0” the calendar shows correctly. I’ve changed it back to see when/if it changes, but I’m quite sure this was never an issue until this year-end change.

    Moderator James Huff


    It looks like my calendar finally switched over to January 2006 sometime between now and 1AM. The server is on Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT -5 hours), and I’m on Pacific Standard Time (UTC/GMT -8 hours), so the server was in January 2006 long before I made that post at 1:01AM.

    David thinks that it might have been a problem with the timezones, so I left the bug report open.

    Servant, would you mind adding your last post as a comment to the bug report? It may be of some use in tracking this down.

    Mine fixed itself too, sometime after I went to bed (after 3 AM). I have my server set to my time (GMT -8), so I wasn’t sure why it did not change. Perhaps it does this every month, but we only noticed it this time because of 2006 hehe.

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