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  • Newbie here. I uploaded all the files to my provider. I made sure that a database exists with the correct name, user, password. I edited the wp-config.php script with these values and triple checked them.

    Step 2 is a small box stating that table creation is happening, but when I check via the DB administration from the site, no tables exist.

    Can someone suggest a course of action?



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  • Does wordpress allow you to login to the site?

    No. It’s just a nice box telling me about creating tables and filling with intialized data…

    There’s nothing else happening. It just sits there. 🙁

    Moderator James Huff


    yes – when I first had the problem I registered and hunted for posts describing similar problems. None of the solutions posted seem to apply to my situation.

    When I looked at the source code for the 2nd step, I noticed it was malformed html – this is the very last line:

    Now we’re going to create the database tables and fill them with some default data.

    Note absence of </body></html> tags.

    I just stopped right there. I know a little PHP, but I’m not quite ready to go hunting about just yet. I’m hoping someone can see all this and go “oh, just do such and such” and it’ll work suddenly…

    oops. The server stripped out the tags in the “now we’re going to create the database” section. When I look at the source code locally, that entire sentence is in a paragraph tag pair (“< p > < / p > “)

    Hope this makes sense…


    By the way, just wanted to add that I’ve been impressed with how quick the response time is here. If I can get WordPress installed it looks like I’ve found a nice tool that I’ll put to good use… Hopefully you guys can get me over this installation problem…



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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