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  • I have the same problem. I did an automatic upgrade last night and everything seemed to be working fine. Now, when I go to the Admin, it gives me that message and I get redirected to my homepage.

    When I try to hit the wp-admin again and attempt to login, the browser displays the right “Dashboard” title, but no Dashboard loads.

    Everything was fine last night, not sure why this is only now a problem?

    I am having the same issue-totally lost as to how to solve it.

    I’m stuck on the login page.. it reloads over and over again everytime I try to access the admin panel

    Same problem as as DodgerOnDeck.

    How can we solve this?

    By using an FTP or SFTP client:

    1. Navigate to the “wp-content” folder within your WordPress installation
    2. Simply rename or delete the “object-cache.php” file located in wp-content folder.

    *This file is usually created by caching plugins

    Oh, sounds like an Object Cache problem then — it just needs a good flush.

    If you have SSH access, you should be able to go to the site root and run wp cache flush to flush your object cache and let you back in.

    If you only have FTP access, create a new file in your site root that looks something like —

    include( './wp-load.php' );

    And load it in your browser. It should purge your object cache for you. Make sure to delete it after you’re logged in, as caches are important for performance, and you don’t want to be inadvertently purging it.

    Very helpful – thank you!

    try rebooting your wordpress server, that resolved the problem for me.

    Thanks vincent101,
    I renamed “object-cache.php” file and issue is solved.

    Again Thanks

    I’m having this issue again, but I already removed the “object-cache.php” file – any other suggestions?

    Oh! Yep, using a different browser worked

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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