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    Hi there, I have been using Cyan Backup on several sites and its always worked wonders. I’m fairly confident when it comes to resolving problems but this one has be puzzled.

    Basically, I have two sites and, each accounts are jailed cpanel account created with WHM through I do not have access to the WHM to kill processes and SSH is disabled. They are different sites completely and do not have access to one another.

    Now the problem I have is that its attempting to backup on but its attempting to backup files that simply don’t exist on the server i.e, its stuck at 33% when I look at the JSON status using firebug. The files its trying to obtain is on another account, and I’m guessing this ‘messed’ as been caused by the server company with a misconfiguration.

    So, I’ve attempted all the usual things to STOP the backup but it refuses to STOP.

    What I’ve done

    – I have disabled CYAN and reenabled.
    – I have disabled it, removed it and reinstalled it.
    – I cleared all cookies and sessions on the browser side and checked the /tmp/ folder and no backup file can be found.
    – I have clicked Clear active backup status multiple times with no joy.
    – I’ve phpmyadmin and can confirm that does not exist in the SQL in any way.
    – I have even attempted to remove “disabled=” from the button field so I can click start again and hopefully force a restart, of course this didnt work either.

    The JSON POST looks like: 200 OK 465ms

    {"result":true,"method":"status","backup_size":"0.00 MB","backup_date":"January 1, 1970 @ 12:00 am","backup_file":"\/home\/\/public_html","state":"active","message":"Copying \/home\/\/public_html\/livezilla\/mobile\/configure.html...","percentage":"33"}

    Hopefully someone awesome can point me in the direction in correcting this non sense 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Greg Ross


    You may have a file stuck in your backup directory, connect to your site through sftp and go to the directory you have configured to store your backups. Remove the status.log file if it exists.

    My guess is that there is a linked directory between the two sites and when the backup starts it walks the directory tree and cross over to the second site because of the link.

    Sorted the problem thanks a lot!

    Plugin Author Greg Ross


    No problem.

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