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  • I’m workin on entering a theme into the WordPress Competition being put on by Alex King.

    Please be very critical on this site. I could use all the feedback and suggestions I can get. Don’t be shy. Lemme have it!

    I don’t have access to certain browsers, and I was wondering if any of you guys would be kinda enough to email me a screenshot of my theme in Safari for the MAC, as well as Opera. Thanks

    chadcoleman AT frontierwebdesign DOT com

    Stucco Theme

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  • Perfect in Op 7.23. Reminds me some of Jakarta from Scarlet Blaze, nice ‘n quiet….

    Thanks V! 🙂

    [[Ah…. do I know you from “elsewhere”? No one on these fora knows that I normally sign myself “V”…. If I DON’T know you from elsewhere, then that’s a tad bit “odd”….]]

    I like it….very classy.

    Haha. I can’t say we’ve met….. but typing V is alot easier than vkaryl.

    For some odd reason in IE the blog itself shows up as if in a frame: with scrollbar. 🙁

    Oh no. What version are you using?

    Cos im on 6.0.2900 er something… and I don’t have that problem.

    I am famous on this forum about scaring everybody with my equally famous IE 5.5 :))

    haha. thats funny.

    Umm. do you know where I can download a copy, so I can work this problem out?

    Also, can i have it installed along with my current version?

    or will that do damage?

    I dunno… I have it from time immemorial 🙂
    BTW, it’s the same on your other blog (the socialconservativewhatever)

    Chad, you can run various versions of IE concurrently. I’ll post up a link on how to do it soon as I find it….

    [*sigh* Sheesh. You’d think I’d know better by now! So I’m editing this “empty”….]

    This thread will get you started Chad. I believe you’ll also find links in there somewhere to download the other versions. If not, please post again, and I’ll dig around s’more….

    Damage? Maybe. I have IE 5.5 and FF1 on my puter, and on the other end of the desk there is my wife’s box with IE 6. Never tried to have 2 IE versions on the same computer. Knowing billgates… I guess it won’t work 🙂

    Edit. OK, vkaryl knows more about it 😉

    Im on IE v 6.0 and it looks gooooood =)

    Thanks guy!

    V – you rock, i’ll look into that.

    Moshu – Yea, I figured it was, since I used the CSA design as the basis for this one.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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