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  • Hi Everyone

    I am not a website designer so be gentle with me!!!!

    The WordPress theme is Twenty Eleven Version 1.7

    My website is and I am in the early stages of creating it and am trying to add new pages.

    I have written and published 2 new pages entitled: –

    Towing Horse Trailers

    Horse Trailer Insurance Online Quote

    i could just have those 2 pages sitting at the bottom of the header where the Home page, contact page etc are but I wanted to have both those pages under a Menu entitled Topics of interest and locate it in the left hand column.

    Under theme options I have selected Content on right”

    Under the Menu section I have created”Left Menu”and inserted those two pages below it.

    In the widgets section in the showcase sidebar I have put in the Custom Menu widget titled ir Topics of interest and by select menu I have selected Left Menu.

    On each page under Page Attributes where it says Template I have selected Show case Template

    Having done all that if you look on my website there is no menu appearing to the left of the content entitled Topics of Interest and nor are the 2 pages I refer to above showing.

    Can someone help me and tell me how I should have done all this?

    If the theme does not allow it is it possible to have a menu entitled Topics of Interest in the Header section with those 2 pages appearing if you hover over Topivs of Interest?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards

    Alan Hope

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  • Hi Alan

    I’m not terribly familiar with the Twenty Eleven theme. But I can give you some general advice about creating menus in WordPress.

    You can create custom menus by going to Appearances > Menus you can then click on the + tab to create a new menu, and name it. You can add existing pages or custom links to it by selecting them in the left hand column. Then save your menu.

    You can then display this menu in a widget by going to Appearances > Widgets and drag and drop the Custom Menu widget into the appropriate widgetized area (e.g. Right Column).

    Whether or not that widgetized area is displayed or not is theme dependent. I’m not sure about the Twenty Eleven theme. It might use a custom page template but I’m not sure maybe someone else can help…


    Hi Alex

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Unfortunately I have tried that but without success so perhaps I need to load a new theme that will allow me to do it.

    It is strange but I have another website that uses the same theme but an older version 1.3 and it allows me to have 2 menus displayed in the left hand column.



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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