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    Hi all first post here, i have recently started toying around with WordPress to set up a sister site to my main site which i set up with 1and1 around a year ago but i am going to move to WordPress eventually. Ok so the wordpress site i have set up is and i am struggling with a few things:

    I want it to slightly mirror my old site but look a lot cleaner/fresher but i cannot work out how to insert h2 tags so on the front page for example have blocks of paragraphs each with their own h2 tag similar to the site

    Also the name of my homepage is ‘home’ but on the top of my page it says ‘home’ is there a way to change this?

    Permalinks – my ‘our services’ page url is how do i get rid of the ‘-3’ from the url?

    Do i have to manually insert the h2 headings in the editor (in the code)?

    Please help me with this as i am usually ok with this type of thing but not in this instance!

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  • esmi


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    Stop editing the Twenty Twelve theme. It is the default WordPress theme and having access to an unedited version of the theme is vital when dealing with a range of site issues. First create a child theme for your changes. Or install a custom CSS plugin.

    Thanks for the reply, i have set up the wordpress theme using the one click system on my hosting, am i right in thinking to create a child theme i have to download it to my hard drive on my pc?

    Hi, Orrell, welcome to WordPress 🙂

    Step by step…

    To insert <H2> tags and stuff you can do easy with wordpress editor… By default some options are hidden (i hace no idea about the reason, but that’s is) you only need click the last icon ( the last in the “marked” area of this image ) it will expand the editor like you can see in this other image , including a drop-down menu qhen you can select “paragraph, headers, pre…

    Permalinks issue

    The permalink is generated cause, maybe you crreated an deleted de page “services” 3 times, by default it keeps a count to avoid repeat a permalink, just under the textbox when you edit the page title, you can see the permalink, it has a “edit” button (in the previously image you can see it). Just edit it and use what you want.

    Home title

    That’s a hardest problem to solve… Things like display page titles is made by theme, you have not control about it in the content editor (you choose a theme, it comes as it comes) but you chace some options… If you’re not affraid of edit code

    Hi aritzalvarez

    Thanks for reply, as esmi indicated i think i need to create a child theme, what i cannot understand is if i have created the website online if i start a child theme on my laptop what will happen to the original site?



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    am i right in thinking to create a child theme i have to download it to my hard drive on my pc?

    If by that you mean that you will need to create basic child theme on your computer, then the answer is “yes”.

    ^^ what will happen to the site i have created online?



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    Nothing. None of your site’s content is stored in the theme.

    so if i make changes in the child theme will they be reflected online, bear with me here do i have to totally rebuild the site?

    no, no, your content is in database, not in theme, yo work in the child theme to make changes over the original theme…

    If you’re doing it on your local machine, will must upload to see the changes on your site…

    Sorry if it’s too obvious, but i’m not sure about if understand the question



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    so if i make changes in the child theme will they be reflected online


    do i have to totally rebuild the site?

    No – as explained by aritzalvarez. Do you know how themes work? If not, I suggest you review Using_Themes.

    Thanks for the replies guys really appreciated

    OK i finally got my child theme up and running for now how do i add those pesky h2 headers and stuff

    if doy you mean insert H2 in the content you can do it with editor, as explained above

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