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  • I am building a website for a town chamber with a businesses focus and the other a visitors focus. They will have very different and separate themes/menu’s and will be accessed through a clean portal home page. They will also share other content such as: widgets, events, media, connections (a plugin), plugin data, login, ETC.

    I don’t want a multi-site install but I don’t know how to accomplish my goals.

    Each areas will have shared data but I’d like each ‘portal’ to have a unique theme and menu.

    Initially I was going to apply a unique theme based on categories but that doesn’t accomplish the menu issue.

    Your advice would be very appreciated!

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  • Custom Post Types could do this, especially if you create separate menus and call them per CPT.

    I guess my point is that I am really only needing 2 unique themes and 2 main menu’s. Is Custom Post Types the way to go or should I be using a Mulitsite?

    I would use CPTs. The only reason for Multisite is if you want the data truely separate.

    I did this with a site before I ever heard of custom post types.

    It was for a political figure that had two versions of his website – one was a public version that he could post whatever he wanted to on, and the second was to be linked from his profile on a .gov website, where he had to have restrictions on the content being linked out from the .gov website.

    Same domain name. Used the custom menus to create two different menus. Used template files to call the different menus, and used the body class to create different classes to style each portion of the site differently.

    Not sure if CPT’s would be more efficient (because I still don’t understand much about them), but the way I mentioned doing this was one of my first sites that I ever did anything with template files, so it wasn’t too difficult.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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