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  • Hi,

    I’ve searched around for quite some time now but couldn’t find a solution to my two problems (that are sort of related to each other) and I’m hoping to find help here:

    1) I’m using and customizing the twentytwelve theme. However, i’d like three content divs in the main part of the page (below the header):
    The first two in the fashion of content and sidebar, the third below those two covering the entire width of the page.
    I’ve created these divs in the editorial area in the backend, within the articles, but I feel WordPress is powerful enough to find a solution without having to use this sort of workaround. Can somebody point me in the right direction what to read?

    2) Further I’d like every subpage to be designed differently. More specifically, above the content there’s supposed to be an image over the entire width of the content box, this image is supposed to be different on every page. Any hints how to do this?

    One idea I had was to add conditional logic to the index.php, but I’d have to include every subpage and it seems like it’s too complicated…

    Many thanks in advance, I very much appreciate every kind of input :).

    Best regards,

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