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    Within Google Webmaster Search Console, there is an error I am trying to resolve and would appreciate some insight here.

    Under ‘Search Appearance > Structured Data’ there is one ‘data type > hatom’ error. Proceeding to a live test reveals the details of the error under publisher > logo (url – A value for the url field is required.)

    What am I missing here, have gone through framework settings and this error this something framework can resolve or is this to do with another item?


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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @lonesync,

    TSF uses the RDF JSON-LD standard.

    Some themes include microformats, like hAtom. This is where this issue is caused.

    Because microformats must be written in a semantic XML order, whereas WordPress uses chronological and reiterating actions, this format can easily create issues where you can’t undo previous and invalidated outputted data without (inefficient) buffer rewriting.

    In layman’s terms: Microformats shouldn’t be used in WordPress.

    With the Structured Data Testing Tool you can highlight and track what parts of your HTML source contain (incorrect) data.

    Best of luck 🙂 Cheers!

    I used the SD testing tool and I see some errors in the article output:

    @type – Article
    image – A value for the image field is required.
    publisher – A value for the publisher field is required.

    Is it something to worry about?

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @grzegorzjanoszka,

    The Articles extension should always pick up the correct data and abandon outputting when there are errors found.
    It may still resolve in recoverable errors on non-AMP pages. See Required Fields for more information. I just improved its documentation, as it was vague.


    Is there any filter for articles image in structured data? I currently use
    but maybe for that output of image there is another one.

    And can the articles extension be used with pages?

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @grzegorzjanoszka,

    For future questions on the Articles subject, please open a new topic.
    You’re steering this topic in something unrelated to the original issue, which is theme hatom errors… I understand that the testing tool brought you to these inquiries, but it conveys broad spectra 🙂

    To answer your last two questions, regardless:

    1. The Articles extension was built after enough options were available. Articles may not use duplicated images, so no filters are available to prevent this.
    2. The articles extension doesn’t output anything on pages.

    Pages and posts aren’t treated the same in The SEO Framework and its extensions.
    I’ve explained that earlier here. Which is incidentially on the same subject as this topic.

    To reiterate:

    • Pages are static. They refer to informational and/or structural sections of the website and its business. They’re a medium for conveying facts.
    • Posts really are a form of news or true blog postings; therefore, they expect authorial data. If it’s a blog post, it may be opinionated. They are expected to be rendered obsolete, irrelevant, or even inaccurate as time passes.
    Thread Starter Chad


    Hi Sybre,

    My apologies for the extended delay away here – but wanted to mention my appreciation for the insight you provided to my question here. This helped very much – I like the ‘layman terms’ also 😉

    Thanks again!

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