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    I’m wondering what might be the best method to structure a WP site featuring local restaurant reviews. I’m not clear about categories vs tags vs taxonomies. Initially I had it set up with two parent categories like this and just checked one for each post:

    +Parent category ‘Cities’

    +Parent category ‘Cuisine’

    My goal is to be able to navigate restaurants by city and of course by cuisine type. Is the above the best way to do that? What about searching by cuisine within a city, etc?

    Another thing I want to do is to show recent posts on my sidebar with the city in parentheses, like so:

    Joe’s Diner (Boston)
    Happy Tiger (Cambridge)

    When I tried to modify the recent posts widget, however, I quickly discovered that unless my city is always category 0 or 1, it wouldn’t work consistently.


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  • Pru


    I just learned about category templates which look very handy, but I can’t figure out how I would use them on a site structured like the above.

    If I click the “Chinese” child category under “Cusine” parent on the hierarchy of categories, I would want to be able to show a list of cities at the top of the category page that are also in the “Chinese” category. In that case I believe I would have to loop through all posts in the Cities category and discover whether they also belonged to the Cuisine/Chinese category, then display them.

    I’ll keep searching.

    pru, did you figure this out? i am looking to do the same where i have one section of reviews and another section of restaurants by cuisine/location. i want the tags to be separate so for example i can review a place in nyc that is a steak restaurant, or people can search for a nyc restaurant that serves steak. on the second page it would just be information about the rest but the firs tone would show reviews.

    No, I never made it work just how I wanted. I did find the plug-in Yet Another Related Posts Plugin which allowed me to show related posts that were in the same two categories (e.g, other posts belonging to the categories ‘New York’ and ‘Steak Houses’). That actually worked in a limited fashion.

    I understand that WP 3.0 (due April’10?) will offer far better support for custom post types which may help with this problem.

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