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    Hi all,

    New to WP. xhtml/css dweeb. I think I’m starting to get it. I wonder if I can describe what I’m trying to do and perhaps some one can just let me know if I’m on the right path.

    I’m trying to use wordpress to build web site for a customer. He’d like to have 8 sections, each with subsections. 2 sections will have frequent changes in content (articles), the rest will changing only occasionally. He know’s nothing of HTML and doesn’t want to so I’d like to use WP so that it all can be edited from the Admin panel. I guess in that way, I’m trying to use WP as a simple CMS with great end user editing.

    Each section will have a side bar. The ‘blogish’ pages will have ‘recent’ posts. All sidebars will have relavant ‘subsections’ listed in the sidebar. Pretty much like any other ol site. Sections across the top, subsections on the side.

    Right, so putting it together. I’m assuming I want each section to be a ‘page’. Beyond that, I’m wrestling with the logic. I’m guessing I need two templates: One for the bloggish pages, one for the non bloggish pages. The main difference in these pages will be the formatting of the ‘posts’ and the content of the sidebar.

    I’d like to put some sort of if/then logic in the sidebar.php. If this page is a blog template, include (this) in the sidebar. If it’s not a blog template, include (thisotherthing) in the sidebar.

    Am I considering this the right way? I’ve been living on the codex, reading about template tags and what not. I’d just, of course, like to set it up correctly from the get go. Any feed back/pointers/links would really be appreciated.


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  • syrupcore


    Just in case some one is reading this wondering the same thing, I found a spot in the CODEX that explains changing the sidebar content depending on the page:

    Still looking for overall structural guidance…




    Sounds right so far to me, except I think your 2 article sections would want to be posts instead of pages. You would then have 2 categories and whatever child subcategories of those you need. Your posts would use index.php and single.php, while the pages would use page.php.



    You can use simple if variables to tell WP to apply different sidebar content for all sorts of things. Including pages, posts, categories, archives and more.

    Using a page will allow you to write a specific sidebar template just for that post and apply it, which is also nice where appropriate.

    It’s all in the codex.



    Thanks a lot for your comments. I’m still a little confused about the templates. I guess I wont need 2 templates if I go with making 6 pages and 2 post pages.

    DSS, I do realize this is all in the codex. I also realize how annoying it is to see the same questions over and over (I’m not a noob _everywhere_) The codex is an amazing repository of information. It just doesn’t really seem to help me move from A to B. I realize those sorts of sections are being developed now, which is great. Maybe I just jumped ahead to quickly.

    Once I suss all this crap out, I’m gonna make a diagram (with explanations) of how things connect with WP. I’m basically dying for that right now.

    Any additional feedback on how I’m putting it together in my head appreciated. Any links that helped you get it all figured also appreciated.

    Thanks a lot,



    Well, let’s see if we can help. It sounds like you jumped into the fray instead of beginning as a “beginner” and then moving through the process. That’s okay. But there are documents to help you through the process, and others who are listening.

    For REALLY beginners to this process, start with First Steps With WordPress to get going.

    For those in a hurry and eager to get on with it, and a little more familiar with some of the thinking and process behind WordPress, begin with New to WordPress – Where to Start to get a list of the articles and information you need to go through the process step by step.

    For a good introduction and overview to the concept of Templates and Template Tags, the powerhouse behind WordPress, see Stepping Into Templates and Stepping Into Template Tags. For a really good overview of the CSS/XHTML structure of typical WordPress Themes and Site, see Site Architecture 1.5.

    To help you understand how the Loop works, the engine that runs the process of generating your pages, see The Loop in Action.

    And for tutorials on creating various template files, customizing the sidebar, header, and other parts and pieces, and getting your site set up from the ground up, see the tutorial section called WordPress Lessons.

    The WordPress Codex welcomes new articles and information and resources, and we have guidelines and policies on how to add that information, help and contribute to the Codex. Please let us know your idea about improving the process of helping users. We’ve recently restructured things to provide an entire section for those who are WordPress for Beginners in the Getting Started with WordPress section. We are always looking for volunteers, so please come join us.



    Thank you Lorelle. An alarming number of those links are purple. I will check out the rest and revisit the purps. Thanks for the invite. If/when I become at all useful, I will most certainly be giving back.

    I stopped looking at it for a while. I think that was a good idea. Time to revisit, regroup, recode. See if it makes a little more sense after a break.


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