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  • Just want to ask a few quick questions. I am setting up a new site that will contain several pages such as About, Contact etc. And also contain both a Blog and a Portfolio. The Blog and Portfolio will both be created using the post system in WordPress, and be organized using Categories.

    Now the issue here is how to present this content. I see two options and would like to know a bit more about them.

    OPTION 1: Use a custom Category.php for the Blog and Portfolio and use them to create a fake section as it were, so for example to view my Blog you could go to (im removing the category prefix). This would work great but would mean both Blog and Portfolio would be controlled entirely using the Category.php file and allow no editing whatsoever by a non-tech savie person.

    OPTION 2: Do the same as above, but also create a page for those sections, this way a person could edit some parts of the content. The issue I have however is that how does this integrate with the Category.php file? If I have a custom Page.php for the Portfolio and Blog and also a custom Category.php for them, how do they play with each other, and what do they offer each. I would really like to use option 2 but need to understand how these two would work together and what they offer me in terms of extra functionality with sub categories and archiving etc.

    Thanks to all who can help. And hopefully you understand the issues I am referring to. Thanks again.

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  • Just thought I’d give this topic a little bump as I have had no replies. Hopefully I will soon 🙂

    I think you want to make a custom page template. Within that page template you can call to posts by category. Then make pages using those templates you’ve developed. Each page will only show posts by the category you specified….

    If you don’t want your latest posts showing up on your front page, but would rather have users click a link to go to your blog or your portfolio, you can also use a static front page….

    Not sure if I’m following what you want to do…I could be rambling….

    search the codex (docs) for templates, category templates, etc…see if you can get an idea of what you want….

    I already have this setup as my category.php file, so that when a user visits either the blog or the portfolio they get a custom category file.

    	if (is_category('Portfolio')) {
    		include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/category-work.php');
    	elseif (is_category('Blog')) {
    		include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/category-blog.php');

    My question is basically what are the pros and cons of using this method alone versus this method plus custom pages as well. What happens to this system if I use pages as well, how will they play together, will the category system offer anything the pages will not?

    Any updates on this? Thanks again.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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