• The strength of this plugin is its completeness at back-end level (ie data). There are many options, some other plugin don’t have. It does support really well Polylang. And this is a real plus. Unfortunately, the front-end configuration (ie layout on the screen) is not easy at all. Organizing how should appear events, list of events, the order of elements, … is pretty tricky has it requires to dig into the hooks file of the plugin. Other plugin do really better at this level.

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  • At this point in time, this is an accurate review providing too high a rating.

    Plugin Author dFactory


    Thanks for the review guys.

    THe frontend part Is made in a similar way to WooCommerce any many other complex plugins (even though we agree it’s not perfect).

    So we’d love to hear more about the the possible improvements and how you see the frontend templating organized.

    We have an idea of template parts enabled/disabled in plugin settings, but would be great to hear your ideas too.

    Bartosz Arendt
    dfactory team

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    The best would be, by page-type, a text field where you could describe how this page should be laid-out, with some basic html and tags for each type of data.
    Events list, single event:


    Event detail:


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