• I’ve used this plugin in many websites and it has been flawless. I wish someone will take over this plugin and continues updating it. I am sure many people like me will pay for it too.

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  • I tried to use this plugin on my website, but it broke it because it is out of date. I would love it to be updated as I can’t find any other plugin that does the same thing? I have searched and searched and nothing does the same thing.

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    I was so desperate that I looked everywhere and I found a nice plugin that isn’t exactly the same but somehow if you spend a little time, you can figure it out.
    It is ‘Simple File List’.

    Great find. But to get close to the functionality you have to buy the pro version. It also lacks statistic reporting.

    It’s also important to note that search and pagination is another $20 add on. But it’s the closest thing I have seen to date.

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    Does any one have an error log you can share? The plugin is working fine on the latest WordPress and latest version of php on over 50 of the sites I manage.

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    No it works great on my sites still. I am glad to see your still kicking! 😉

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    Wow! I am glad that you are following up, thomastark! Our only concern is the security of this plugin and maybe some functionality improvement and updates.
    Other than that, mine is still working too. No problems.

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