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  • Hey folks. I was doing some searching on a guy that use to be on Flip This House or some similar show when I ran across his website.

    At first I was interested in what he’s been doing since his stints on cable came to an abrupt end and now he appears to in the informercial game, but then after reading some comments I noticed that he seemed to be using WordPress. I say “seemed” because a cursory look didn’t reveal any links to WordPress or mention of the software other than the About page which is stock. That kind of irked me so I checked the source code. Yep, WordPress and he’s using the “Lavrentis” them, again without credit. I know that CMS developers are kind or serious about stripping the logos and/or links to the authors page, so I was curious if WordPress is also concerned with modifications like this since the blog software and I believe this particular theme are released under the GPL.

    I tried searching for an answer, but that and Google didn’t offer any answer other than several links to the GPL agreement and I didn’t see anything in there about maintaining links. I have no interest in stripping the links from my site, just wondering if this kind of stuff is even kosher.

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  • Hi there, as far as I am aware, there is no stipulation by wordpress to keep any links or logos referring to wordpress, I believe, as long as no-one changes core code, and redistributes as their own, you’re pretty free to do what you want. Many themes released under GPL can be edited by the user for their own purpose, but many developers ask, as a courtesy that we retain a link to them, which is fair.
    Personally I never remove wordpress identification or theme links.
    Judging by Mr. Armondo Montelongo’ site and the version of wordpress he’s using, he’ll probably be visiting us pretty soon.

    Thanks for the heads up mikey1. I’ve always been moderately interested in the ins and outs of using open source software under varying licenses, so I was kind of perplexed that had never really looked into this issue to any real degree. Anyway, thanks again for the quick response.

    In terms of WP, it’s no problem. WordPress is meant to be used for putting what you want on the web & does not (should not) force you to display any particular content whatsoever.

    That’s why it is very weird that recent versions of WP have hidden the “Generated By WordPress Version #” deep in the code where it is harder to remove it from your header. That line used to be simply in the header.php of the Default template. Now it’s called in from the wp_header core code. They’ve mechanically made it so most people don’t (don’t know how to) remove it, but there is no licensing requirement for you to leave it there. It can be removed, and other threads on this forum and elsewhere tell you how, if you wish to do it. There are plenty of legit reasons to remove it, including security and privacy.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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