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  • Resolved springthistle


    This plugin looks great, but has a major problem which is that it strips out inline css attributes from my site. I have a number of elements on the site that have background images specified inline.

    For example, this:
    <div class="background-image-holder fadeIn" style="background-image: url(&quot;;); background-position: initial;">

    Is transformed into this:
    <div class="background-image-holder fadeIn">

    So it’s completely blank. I tried turning off “minify css” and “combine css” but that didn’t help.

    Can you make an option to NOT strip out inline css attributes?

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  • Plugin Author launchinteractive


    Hi springthistle,

    I don’t think MMR is causing the style tag to be stripped. MMR doesn’t edit any inline css. It looks like your style attributes are being adding with javascript.

    What I think is happening is your javascript compilation is failing and then the script is never running to add the attributes.

    When you enable MMR do you have any Javascript errors in the logs? Perhaps try turning off minify js and combine js to determine the bad script.

    Plugin Author launchinteractive


    Also, please try 1.8.3 as it fixed an error that might be causing your javascript to fail.

    Hi Launch, thanks for replying so quickly.

    My inline styles are not added with Javascript, so that couldn’t explain the problem. However, after I updated the plugin and re-activated it, it’s working without problems, so I’m all set now. Many thanks!

    Plugin Author launchinteractive



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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