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  • This plugin is wonderful, love it!

    I’ve run into one little glitch (not a bug). I’m assembling an aggregator, and using excerpts with attribution. Most feeds work great!

    But one in particular I’ve run into opens its content with <div> tags. And, far down the page, long after excerpt length, closes with </div> tags.

    Open tags with no close tags, as we know, is not pretty when the post gets published.

    I could strip all HTML from all feeds, and then this one works great! But then others that open with the author name, etc. have their formatting skewed.

    I think this is more of a feature request, unless there’s a way to do it that I’m missing, but I’d like to be able to strip HTML from particular feeds, instead of all or nothing. Is that already possible?

    Thanks for a great plugin!

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  • Plugin Author Allen


    The plugin doesn’t currently have that level of customization, especially something related to poorly formed RSS feeds (especially since that would require hundreds of fixes). You can hard code this if you know a bit if php.

    I’m not sure I was very clear, since you’re talking about hundreds of fixes, and I’m talking about one functional change.

    As written, the same feed-to-post options are applied to all feeds. There’s no way to assign different options to different feeds, or even to particular WP RSS Multi Importer categories.

    So I can’t choose to strip HTML from one feed, but leave it in another.

    If I knew enough php, that’s the tweak I’d make.

    Plugin Author Allen


    well, here’s the thing…many feeds have all of these small problems (unclosed tags, bad html, etc., etc.) and the plugin would need to have a feature for each of these to clean up the RSS feed to make it work.

    What you’re asking is doable, but it would have to be at the level of the specific feed (which my plugin doesn’t do)..instead, because there are so many features currently tied to the feed going into a specific category, most features are at the category level (not the level of a specific feed).

    What you’re asking for can be done (hard-coded, however), by identifying the feed (which is by the permalink) and then stripping the tags on that one feed.

    If you tell me the RSS feed of that one feed, I could send you a file that will do this, but again, that will be hard coded and you’d likely need to save that file else it will get overwritten when I push another update. Also, I would need to know if you’re using the shortcode (if so, which template) or the feed to post.

    Hi, Allen!

    Thanks again for your quick response.

    But I don’t think we’re communicating here. Let’s try another approach.

    When I go into your Feed-to-Post settings, I have a range of options. I can set a default post type. I can pick an author to whom posts are assigned. I can decide whether or not to add social icons.

    The issue is that I can only set all these settings once, and they apply the same to all categories.

    I can’t assign individual categories to different authors.

    I can’t decide, “well, category 1 and category 2 work fine, so they can automatically publish, but I need my new category 3 to remain draft while I see if it works OK.”

    It’s all or nothing, for every setting.

    My suggested change has nothing to do with hard-coding anything to parse individual feeds. It’s about making it possible to assign the feed to post settings to the individual categories, instead of all-or-nothing.

    Plugin Author Allen


    Right…at this point, it’s all or nothing when it comes to assigning authors and post types…that would have to be done at the individual feed or category level….it’s something I may include in a future version, but would require a significant re-write of the plugin at this point.

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