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  • I have migrated my site from an old wordpress account to a new one and new host provider. I have some old posts with specific slug structure that had a lot of facebook likes. After I migrated my posts to my new host/wordpress version wordpress strips some characters from the slug resulting in either 404 errors or if i fix the 404 then i have posts with no facebook likes since facebook keeps in db the old slugs of the posts.

    For example i have a slug in the following form “word-word-word-«word/
    Wordpress strips the character ” « ” and outputs the following slug: “word-word-word-word/ I need to keep the special characters or in other words be able to input exactly the slug i need at least until all my old posts are with the correct slug and then for the new posts i can continue with striped slugs.

    Is there any way around? I hope I explained the problem correctly. English is not my native language.

    Thanks for any help…

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