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    This is a great plugin, but I do have one question.

    From what I can tell you are still using v1 of the Stripe API. They are now transitioning to v3. Any chance of an update to use that.

    They main issue I have is that Stripe really stresses using their js checkout options for optimum security. This way the clients card information never touches our severs. You do this by removing the name tags in the form fields and adding data-stripe tags instead. That coupled with their v2 api and js creates a token from their browser and stripe, which our servers then use.

    Stripe has been nagging me about this and warning that if we continue to process this way, they may consider us a higher risk and require PCI scans.

    I have tried working with the code to do this my self, but it is beyond my abilities.

    Any thoughts on when or if this will be implemented?


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  • Hi Oliveconcepts

    I have the exact same request.
    It would be very nice with an update to Elements or Checkout.

    I currently have issues not only with the security of it, but also with some of my customers not getting tickets before they sell out, because 1) a charge attempt was never even made and they are stuck in a status of “Processing (Stripe)”, or 2) input-errors aren’t caught, the charge fails, but the EMP-status stays “Processing (Stripe)” without changing to fail/succeed.

    Implementing Elements and Checkout on a website is amazingly easy, even for an amateur like me, but I have been trying for a few days now to integrate it into your EMP/Stripe-plugin, and I can’t figure it out.
    Whenever I manage to make one thing work, another thing breaks. I just don’t have enough knowledge of the inner workings of your plugin.

    However, I CAN tell you that I’m quite sure you could pull it off in almost no time. It seems to me that you could even simplify your plugin code quite a bit, seeing as you would no longer have to try to catch missing input-values etc (Stripe does all the card validation synchronously).

    I really hope you will look into this, as it would certainly make a huge impact on how useful this plugin is.
    The way I see it, PCI-compliance is the main thing keeping this plugin from being perfect.


    Plugin Author Kirit Dholakiya


    Hi @grassrootshost, @zheerh,

    Our team already working on your suggested solution. I will let you know once we ready to make it live…


    Thank you very much.

    Until then, Grassrootshost, I have managed to make it work with Stripe’s Elements.
    If you desire, I can send you the altered version of the stripe.gateway.php file, that contains everything necessary to get working.
    I have tested it with almost all of Stripe’s test cards, and have not found any problems in the handling of it.

    I have not been able to fix some issues with error-messages and missing confirmation message on the page, though, but have been able to minimise the issue by adapting the messages to the situations.

    The way I see it, this is better than storing credit card info.

    P.s.: Unfortunately, it is made with Stripe’s php-library v1.x (as with the original plugin) rather than the current 4.4.0, but I cannot find any indication that this should be less secure (well, I bet it’s less secure, somehow, but not in the general way that it handles the credit card data).
    It does, however, use stripe.js v3.

    P.p.s.: I also made a version with Stripe’s Checkout, but certain annoying problems appeared, which I couldn’t find a solution to. Mainly, it would require two submit buttons – one for paid tickets, one for free tickets (otherwise, customers would have to supply credit card info, even if their ticket was free).
    Checkout obviously has a nicer interface, but apart from that it didn’t perform better with regards to error messages and such.

    Plugin Author Kirit Dholakiya


    Hi guys,

    We give stripe js checkout feature in pro version. you can test pro version here.

    and you can buy pro verion from here.

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