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  • Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    Hello helms,

    we understand you need more payment gateways but we had no time to implement this one yet. But we will try to find some time for this.

    Do you need it like usual payment gateway as well as PayPal, etc.?


    I’d also like to see this happen. It’s been the second most voted for feature on the UD Feedback site since early 2012.

    Stripe is awesome. 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    We need to know how you want to use Stripe. Like usual gateway for payments? Or you want to integrate it completely to have all abilities Stripe provides?

    Hmmm personally I’d like to take regular payments/partial payments/recurring payments. IMO it would be nice to integrate all the abilities in the long run. 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    We will try looking into it as sooner as possible. But we can’t tell the date it will be provided.

    I’d like to throw my 2 cents into the pot here. (…and if all goes well, I’d happily throw more money in the pot!)

    Stripe already has several plugins. And I’m incredibly happy with the one I’m using. (Out of courtesy, I won’t link to it, but it works awesomely!) It has ALL the functionality and features of Stripe Payments built in. Simple interface, and….

    Wait, I will tell ‘ya what it is, but I’ll also tell you how I think you can QUICKLY trump the plugin.

    Stripe WordPress Plugin – Documentation

    If you will merge your invoicing system with a plugin that has ALL the features of strip, like the above one does, you’ll quickly be rolling in some dough. AND I’LL BE THE FIRST TO PAY!

    I need it to do ‘whatever’ I tell it to. Reoccurring, one time, monthly, pay a little at a time, …whatever. But where I think you’ll quickly trump their plugin, is by integrating the stripe payment (with a plethora of options) into an invoicing system like yours!

    Read the docs on their plugin:
    1.)I do not want to jack with making a custom email template for each client. A simply redirect to a receipt page, along with a ‘print me’ prompt is quite adequate!

    2.)See all their shortcodes? And do you see how you’ve got to “stack” all those shortcodes together each time you want to make the plugin do something different? It works, but it’s a PAIN in the butt! And, after I look at your video, you’ve got most of those features (coupon, custom amount, redirect to receipt after payment, ….) ALREADY in your plugin!
    (That’s precisely why I said you would quickly trump ALL the other Strip plugins!)

    So, in the name of good old fashioned crowdfunding, I’m in for $50. Who else?

    With Google Checkout dying soon, I think the addition of Stripe as a built-in and standard payment option is a must. People who use Google checkout do so because they dislike PayPal.

    I voted on the Uservoice page. Stripe integration is the leading vote getter and WP-Invoice people said over a year ago that the integration would be beginning “soon.”

    @burlesonbrad – If you’re willing to pay $50, there is already a 3rd party plugin for $49 –

    Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    We are not going to take money for this since it is going to be a Premium Feature.

    The fact of existing ready gateway is not a guaranty of it’s quality and future support since our plugin is always changing.

    WP-Invoice really should consider offering Stripe as a free alternate to PayPal… Being Google Checkout is going away in November, you will be alienating everyone who does not like or use PayPal.

    I was the FIRST person to ask for this, and brought it to their attention more than a year ago (just looked up the thread to see if any progress had been made).

    Not only is Stripe FAR more secure than PayPal and other payment gateways, but they also provide full access to their API in order for developers to EASILY (that’s Stripe’s words) implement it into their plugins for different frameworks and platforms. And they’re docs are full of information.

    Now if you guys have been falling behind then tell it like it is, but please don’t put the blame on Stripe like they don’t deserve your acknowledgement. Stripe has been a proven standard for many independent digital artists and content developers across the US & Canada. And just this month, they’ve expanded coverage to the UK and Australia.

    Proof Link:
    Tons of CURRENT articles on Google, including lots of write ups from TechCrunch

    Let’s throw their Wikipedia page in there for good measure:
    Stripe on Wikipedia

    So they have clearly proven themselves; and to some of the most critical people mind you, as their target audience is known to be very temperamental (yes, that would be us artists and developers). So for you guys to say things like…
    The fact of existing ready gateway is not a guaranty of it's quality and future support since our plugin is always changing.
    …seems like a copout for the real problem, which is you guys not taking the time to thoroughly read through all of their information and then integrate it into your very awesome plug-in. Not to mention, as Amber said up above, it’s been the 2nd most REQUESTED plugin on that queue system for almost a year.

    Tides change drastically everyday. And while you guys are dragging your feet on integrating this, all it’ll take is ONE developer to offer a plugin like yours with the highly demanded Stripe payment gateway integrated, and your once awesome plug-in will be a distant memory.

    We need to know how you want to use Stripe. Like usual gateway for payments? Or you want to integrate it completely to have all abilities Stripe provides?

    Is this a serious question??? I’ll break it down for you then.

    Currently ALMOST every Stripe integrated plug-in for WP uses that “Donation” feature. We DO NOT want that crap. I’ll be damned I’ve spent 2-3 months creating a website for someone, only to hope & pray that they DONATE the correct amount. It’s good if it’s there, but we can do without that for now. Believe me. What we want is to be able to use Stripe exactly how we use other gateways when it comes to your plug-in.

    Another thing I’ve seen is it integrated into membership type plug-ins for WordPress. Well..what if we don’t want members on our site? Are we not able to use Stripe then???

    We need to be able to send an invoice with the price we’ve defined for:

    • One-Time Payments
    • Recurring Payments

    Donations and Memberships are cute to integrate, but shouldn’t be the focus seeing as how WP Invoice is…an invoicing plug-in.

    You know that nifty email that gets sent out via your plug-in to people who we enter into our system who owe payment for a service? It’ll work just the same, but instead of that email forwarding them to PayPal or whatever else, it’ll be Stripe that ‘s the processor for the payment.

    And see this page to the bottom right where you guys are accepting CC’s for purchase of your premium features??: Click For Page. It would be just used like that, only instead of whatever processing company you guys are currently using…that company would be Stripe instead.

    That is how we want to use it. And currently that is what no one is giving us.

    Well some are, but are charging $50 + up (I’ve actually seen one for $225 JUST for integrating this service into a WP plug-in).

    Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    We’ll consider your opinion and will try to invest some time into this as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    Everyone who was waiting for STRIPE can upgrade to 3.08.9.

    STRIPE has been integrated for regular Charges and Subscriptions.

    Well slap my fanny and call me BERTHA.

    That’s friggin’ AWESOME!!!!

    I’m glad Stripe has been integrated, but I can’t get it to work. The payment processing just doesn’t process.

    Here are my settings:

    API keys for Stripe –

    Webhook in Stripe, also notice Stripe is Live –

    Stripe payment settings in WP-Invoice –

    Payment settings on the individual invoice page in WP-INvoice –

    Payment on invoice, not processing –

    Please advise.


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