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    My recent issue, now resolved, got me researching.

    This plugin (which I don’t need now) made use of Stripe “Subscription Plans” linked into a WooCommerce product via a product type and a Stripe Plan “ID” field.
    (BTW, I couldn’t get it to work when using it as a payment gateway for a normal product. And, it looked like duplicate Stripe gateways on the checkout page when using the WC Stripe plugin, so, I don’t use this.)

    Stripe Subscription Plans being managed from Stripe’s end is a little new-ish, PayPal did it for a while.

    Sometime in the future, I want to link my subscription plans to Stripe-controlled Plans via “Plan ID” between these two pages:

    Reason for this
    It’s not just about convenience and features. Giving customers more direct control through Stripe is also good manners.

    More than that, knowing how the tide turns, and with Stripe rolling this out, they may eventually “search and destroy” apps such as PMP if they use Stripe to do “non-Stripe Plan” subscriptions.

    Not to boss or manage your roadmap. Just sayin’.
    BTW, I love this plugin. When I get more users, I plan to buy a license.

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  • Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Jesse, thanks for the feedback here. I agree that properly integrating with Stripe plans would be good for several reasons, many you’ve outlined here.

    I wrote a post before RE how and why we integrate with Stripe the way we (where we create a plan and then delete it right away):

    In short, Stripe doesn’t (or maybe didn’t – I’ll take a look at the API again) allow us to adjust the price of an existing plan at checkout. This is important because there are several add ons and customizations that adjust the price at checkout for taxes, prorating, promotions, discount codes, or any number of reasons.

    Stripe has good tools for taxes, discounts, and prorating, but we’ve chosen to do those things on the WP side because it makes it easier for us to develop things once for many gateways instead of having a different discount code implementation for each gateway/etc.

    I’d like to make our integration tighter… and we would definitely have to do it if Stripe forces us in any way. We might realistically have time to focus on this sometime in the new year. Alternatively, I’m open to the idea of working with a third party developer who wanted to develop this as an add on that basically offered a different Stripe implementation. Working on it as an add on would allow us to develop it in a way that might break other add ons and integrations. Users can decide if they need the tighter Stripe integration or the other features.

    Stay tuned to our blog. We’ll likely have a public dev chat to talk about this kind of thing before we get to work on it.

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