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  • For a start I am on a steep learning curve. Had a site developed and the developer went on holidays the day we went live leaving me to sort it all out. Know a little about WordPress but not Stripe. Also had to install SSL on the site which I had never done before.

    After much trial and error I got Stripe working in test mode. When I switch to Live mode in the Stripe dashboard, and try to process a payment it tells me I am still in test mode.
    “Your card was declined. Your request was in test mode, but used a non test card. For a list of valid test cards, visit:”

    After spending hours on the Internet, the only thing that I can see is a problem with API keys. Did a cut and paste from cPanel to Stripe (or maybe it was the other way round. Not sure.).

    Before I start changing keys, thought I would ask firstly, is there anything else I should check, and secondly not sure how to change keys. Do I generate them in Stripe and copy them to cPanel or the other way round. Have not gone through the process but it seems I can generate them in both.

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