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    Is there a reason that in stripe connect the oAuth URL includes scope=read_write and not only scope=read_only? Would it be possible to make the default URL with scope=read_only (it is possible to change it in the URL manually – or are there any disadvantages?)?

    Also, if you activate Stripe 3D Secure and SCA, the option “direct charges” disappears. What payment option is selected in the case Stripe 3D Secure and SCA is activated?

    and one more thing: I talked to stripe a lot lately and they suggested to use standard accounts instead of express accounts. I know there is a snippet for that, but you might wanna include the option of choosing in an update.

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    Thank you @wclovers.

    Because Stripe contact us yesterday, and without update, we cant continue to use split paiment without lot of invalid paiements from 31/12/20.

    Have a good day

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    Yes, please @wclovers, please get this updated for the next update!

    Hello @wclovers

    Do you have news about this topic ?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    Hello @wclovers
    I am also interested in this implementation. Can it be integrated in the next update?

    Thank you

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    Stripe SCA really needs to come online this month. I also got the email from Stripe that by the end of the year, stripe won’t process payments without SCA.

    Please @wclovers get this done asap, otherwise the plugin will be useless in a large part of the world – and it’s SCA requirement is coming all around the world anyway.

    This is what Stripe wrote:


    If full enforcement of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) were in place today, we estimate that you would have lost as much as $xxxx.xx in revenue in the past 4 weeks due to declines because your Stripe integration is not yet SCA-ready.

    While full enforcement begins on 31 December, gradual enforcement of these requirements has already begun, as some banks have started to decline a portion of payments that aren’t SCA-ready. We recommend updating your Club Winery account Stripe integration to avoid these declined payments. This can require frontend, backend, and client bindings version changes, so we recommend that you take action on these updates as soon as possible.

    Stripe’s payments APIs and SCA-ready products will help you prepare for this change. Visit the Dashboard to find your SCA-ready product recommendations and docs to update your integration.

    This is a huge problem for all European businesses.

    @wclovers please can you fix this and update your customers.

    Same for me here. And is it possible to include more payment options for split payments than credit card? In Germany the most common payment method in SEPA Bank Transfer.

    Hello @wclovers

    Can we have news about this topic ?

    The 31 december we will have a problem without update

    Or can we have a solution to fixe our problem ?

    Thank you in advance

    I guess you’re mixing up some things here. SCA and split pay is working.
    Here my setup and some clearifications:
    I’ve enabled stripe pay and split pay as storeadmin, also autowithdrawal on status completed. My vendor has choosen to be payed by stripe and has connected his account (I use standard accounts, not express, you can control this by a filter in eg. your theme).
    The important thing to know is that stripe split pay + SCA works only with “Transfer Charge” Mode, this is why the dropdown dissappears if you enable that. So to get your admin commission you need to set 2 things in store management: wcfm to hold your commission AND a payment gateway charge (because in the above setup stripe charges YOU for the fees, not the vendor). The result is if somebody orders for 100€ and you charge 10% commission and 5% payment charge: you receive 100€ in stripe, minus the strpe fees, wcfm holds back your 10% commission and 5% fee and transfers (! IT IGNORES THE ORDER STATUS!) 85€ to the connected vendor account. So a few sings are broken here, but it is usable.

    So I’m defintly not happy with this setup because if my vendor does not fulfill the order or the customer wants to refund I have a lot of trouble (but I don’t think you have any cahnce with split pay to prevent this). But as I’m also trying now for several weeks to get the paypal support to enable my payout api in LIVE env (you can’t do it on your own) I don’t have any other chance to handle card payments from my customers. Dumm gelaufen, I would say 🙂
    But I hope I could help someone – it took me days to get it working at least on this stage….

    another thing I could not fix is if I use stripe only for withdrawal – so NO split pay – it keeps telling me I have not enough funds in my account…. Has someone of you found similar problems?

    and @wclovers I’ve found 2 bugs you should check or better fix if I’m not wrong 😉
    1 major: in wc-multivendor-marketplace/includes/payment-gateways/class-wcfmmp-gateway-stripe_split.php Line 390 your checking for wc endpoint order-pay – in my installation this never matches (on regular checkout). It triggers the inPage Modal for SCA, but it dissappears on it’s own before I can use it. If I nuke the else part of this if statement, so it always uses the “wcfm-stripe-confirmation” url append part,
    everything works like expected during checkout and pay endpoint. (If I don’t, it works only if the customer goes into his saved orders and clicks on “Pay” and goes to payment process)
    2 minor: you’re calling handleCardPayment in your JS, this is deprecated, use confirmCardPayment instead

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    @wclovers is it really that difficult to get an update on this? I am getting emails from stripe every other day now that I will lose all my charges if my direct charges are not made SCA compliant by the end of the month. This should be your #1 priority to get it fixed asap. Bear in mind that we are your customers and you are gambling with our businesses.

    I think you don’t need to be touch with stripe anymore for this, you need to just do it. Stripe made it clear a hundred times that this is not only possible to integrate but it will actually be mandatory!

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    So I am getting cards declined already, losing sales, so this is pretty much the worst-case scenario which could happen and Stripe announced that in one week all cards will get declined. @wclovers do you have any intentions at all to get this fixed?

    – One angry customer

    Same problem here, waiting for an integration of SCA and charges for Stripe from WCFM.
    Too bad last WCFM answer to this topic is one month old.
    Their support is very defective.

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