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    I just switched to live transactions with Stripe, and things are not working as expected.

    Stripe appears to be configured properly, and is in live mode.

    I’m using the live keys.

    SSL is enabled, and the certificate appears to be configured properly.

    When I attempt to pay using my own card, it seems like there is no Stripe interaction at all. All of the CC fields are considered empty.

    The page does call wp_head().

    Not sure where to look to find the answer.


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  • Seems like the problem is occurring in the call to Stripe.createToken(). What are some possible reasons for failure here? The key being used appears to be correct.

    The response handler is never called.

    Thanks, C.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Charles, thanks for reaching out. You also reached out on GitHub where we figured out that the issue was caused by an extra whitespace character in your API key. (In case anyone else runs into a similar issue.)

    We are including some updates in the next version to avoid this issue and potentially show some nicer warnings when Stripe fails like this.


    Thanks for the quick resolution, and apologies for asking in both places. Good to know both discussion forums are monitored.

    To fill in the rest of the conversation for anyone who may stumble upon this problem:

    I switched Stripe to live mode and copied my live keys from Stripe’s config pages. I just double-clicked the value, pasted it into my PMPro config page, and trimmed off the white space at the end. I failed to notice that there was another space at the beginning of the string.

    The result was that when I tried to pay on my PMPro checkout page, the form was submitted — clearly not supposed to happen. So I set a break point in Firebug at the function that’s called when the submit button is clicked. The call to Stripe.createToken() failed, but I could see no indication of why.

    I’m sure Jason has this covered, but a few things that would have helped me find the issue (putting to one side the fact that I made the mistake in the first place!):

    — some sort of trim() on saving the key
    — trim() when getting the key from the DB

    Then things get a bit less clear because the right solution depends on internals that I’ve not looked at. But maybe:

    — a try{} block containing the call to Stripe.createToken (if in fact an exception is raised when the key is wrong)
    — some sort of debug output that would indicate what the problem is.

    In any case, thanks again Jason for the prompt response. It’s very helpful, and guarantees that I and others will recommend your plugin to anyone looking for such a thing.


    I’m not sure if this is the same, but I set up Stripe as well.

    I put the test keys into the payment settings for sandbox testing. I also checked yes for ssl. I copied the webhook url and put it in Stripe.

    But when I go to test the checkout page, I get these wierd exclamation points on the credit card info after I try to submit the payment information. It doesn’t matter whether the site is live or not. It says https:// in the url…so that is secure…but why isn’t the test payment going through?

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