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    Hi Support,

    I found customers from Hong Kong and Macau can’t fill in the stripe credit card fields, included card number, expiry date, CVS.
    But customers from Tokyo can fill in the fields and complete the payment properly.
    I have contacted Stripe, but they suggested to contact woocommerce for more details.

    Please help to check.
    Thank you very much!

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  • karolryan


    I’m having this issue for the past few days. I cannot enter anything in the payment form. I have been through all soultion posts on this forum & I still cannot get the form to accept input. The website is
    I have disabled plugins, changet themes, etc. Can someone please help?

    Plugin Support nathvi V. a11n


    Hello @karolryan

    Could you please start a new thread on this Forum so we can address the issue?

    Typically, we see problems like this being caused by a theme or plugin conflict, so we will be needing additional details on what was done.

    Hi, I can’t seem to get my credit card fields usable on my checkout page for Stripe and I’m not sure what’s the issue.

    I’ve checked with Stripe support and they say there’s no error with my account on their end so I’m assuming it could be a plugin issue? Is there a way to fix this?

    My website is but my shop isn’t live yet.

    Hi @nathvi,

    We’ve started experiencing this same issue on a site we manage for a client. The credit card field divs with the class “wc-stripe-elements-field” appear as very thin bordered rectangles and within this the content is simply “<!– a Stripe Element will be inserted here. –>” for the card number, expiry date and card code (CVC) areas.
    I wonder if you have a solution to this? It appears to be quite prevalent…

    Regards, Adam

    Plugin Support Saravanan S, a11n


    Hi @fletchadam & @jtwonggg,

    Are you able to create a new thread in the forums so that we can address each of these issues separately.

    Thanks. Look forward to helping you in your separate threads.

    Hi @simplysaru,
    I’ve managed to resolve the issue by rolling back the Dici theme from v4.10.6 to v4.9.7 and have informed the Divi Builder team of the issue and the clash.
    Regards, Adam

    Plugin Support nathvi V. a11n


    Hi @simplysaru

    Glad to read the problem is now resolved by changing the theme’s version! Should you need additional help, please let us know.

    Well looks like I have the same darn issue.

    Just not able to figure out why I am unable to enter credit card details for stripe checkout. I have confirmed all my keys are fine. I have updated the stripe plugin for Woocommerce, updated woocommerce plugin, and tried to disable the theme with another theme and it STILL shows a small bar for the credit card field details that I am not able to input info.

    I was just getting ready for a product launch and wondering if I should just stick to Paypal payment with credit card.

    My site is also https with certification.

    Any other ideas here? Any help would be appreciated.

    Yes, it’s really annoying. Was the other theme you tried just a vanilla standard wordpress theme or another custom/premium theme?
    It’s possibly a combination of theme and clashing with other plugins.
    Try switching off other plugins and testing too.
    I tested your site – – using Mac and Firefox browser and there’s certainly an issue. The fields are not even being written to the page -> Where the credit card field should be it simply shows a comment “<!– a Stripe Element will be inserted here. –>” 🙁

    I think it was a standard wordpress theme. I am using Astra theme with Elementor and I switched to Twenty Twenty-one and a Learndash Theme. Learndash theme didn’t even work when I clicked on the cart. The Twenty Twenty-one theme had the same issue with the credit card input.

    “The fields are not even being written to the page -> Where the credit card field should be it simply shows a comment “<!– a Stripe Element will be inserted here. –>” 🙁”

    That is really odd. It shows up on my firefox browser. I haven’t tried the stripe “test” method. Maybe I should turn it off and just use paypal and have people use their credit card for that while I figure this out?

    Plugin Support Paulo P – woo-hc


    Hello @driven72!

    This is a 4-year-old topic – a lot has changed on WordPress, WooCommerce and Stripe in the meantime.

    Please create a new topic, so we can help you out. Thanks!

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