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    We have pro/biz with Stripe Checkout, but it no longer works. Even on a fresh blank WordPress install with nothing but Sprout+Sprout pro plugins, on paying an invoice with Stripe checkout, it always returns “partial payment received”. The payment does go through into stripe account successfully, but on WordPress it is still marked at not paid.

    Can you help please?

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    We are currently looking in to this issue with our development team. In the mean time, enable Stripe (not Stripe Checkout) under Payment Settings and you should be able to process a payment. -CM

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    Hell fpman,

    This same thing happened to me (and I developed the integration haha). How I fixed it was resaving the Stripe Checkout settings (even if you don’t change anything). What happens is web hook is resent to Stripe to be saved and used.

    Technically what happened: I migrated my site to a new url, and the old web hook was failing. Example – https://a.cl.ly/2Nu54rXq

    Hope that helps. If not, follow up with priority support, their team is great.


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    Hi Both,

    Thank you for replying, it means a lot and it starts to restore a little faith with the support.

    Re-saving and re-entering the api keys was the first thing I tried and unfortunately didn’t work for me. I even setup a fresh WordPress site just to test Sprout invoices plugins to rule out other plugins/themes, but still encounter the same problem.

    I can confirm Stripe option does work, and I look forward to a quick fix for Stripe Checkout.

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    Hi fpman,

    We’re still working on this. Our dev hasn’t been able to replicate on his environment. Since this relates to a premium feature, can you please submit a ticket by logging in to your Sprout Invoices account? This will allow us to go back and forth easier, and get specific details related to your set up.

    Thanks so much!


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