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  • Plugin Support André woo-hc


    Hi @kpchum2308!

    To help me diagnose it, could you please share a copy of your site’s System Status?

    You can find it via WooCommerce > Status.

    Select “Get system report” and then “Copy for support”. 

    Once you’ve done that, paste it here in your response.


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    May I ask if this is the case? Thank you very much for your help.

    Plugin Support Margaret S. woo-hc


    Hi @kpchum2308

    The image at the link you sent is very difficult to decode.

    If you want to share a screenshot we recommend using – please follow the instructions on that page, then paste the URL in this thread. It works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers.

    We’ll look forward to receiving your system status report to be able to help you further.

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    This time, I used the sharing link of Google Photos. Those messy links before are really nice.

    Plugin Support MayKato woo-hc


    Hi @kpchum2308

    It bounces back to the previous page.

    If I understand correctly, you are unable to access the pages to manage the settings for Stripe and WooCommerce Payments. If that’s the case, I’d suggest isolating the issue by deactivating all plugins except WooCommerce and Stripe (or WooCommerce and WooCommerce Payments), and switching your theme to Storefront to see if it fixes.

    You can find a more detailed explanation on how to do a conflict test here:

    Thread Starter kpchum2308


    1 :

    2 :

    3 :

    Figure 1: I followed WooCommerce’s instructions. I went to Cpanel’s wp-content, changed plugins to old, then went back to the website to open the installed plugins and then returned to Cpanel, canceled the old plugins, restarted the plugins, and returned to the background. This is all my current plugins. The red warning said that I removed the WooCommerce Paypal Checkout Gateway plugin. I actually didn’t enable it before. I was just lazy to remove it. I also removed the remaining four plugins WooCommerce , WooCommerce Payments , WooCommerce Paypal Payments , WooCommerce Stripe Gareway I also removed it and reinstalled it again. Because I’m not familiar with plugins and operations, for safety’s sake, I’d like to take a screenshot for you to see if I have any mistakes or omissions.
    The first one to enter the test is Figure 2: WooCommerce Payments I don’t know if I have made a mistake. I used to go to WooCommerce to set up payment. Although Figure 2 is also the payment page, I have to do one more step to press all payment methods to arrive. The same is also true The page called payment is the same for everyone or do I really have one more step? Press WooCommerce Payments on the right to manage the situation as before and go back to Figure 2. Go to test the WooCommerce Stripe Gareway’s Stripe connection and there is no problem Figure 3: The connection is successful Since the first plugin fails to start, the other two should be difficult to succeed, but if you don’t come, you will come by and test it and press Manage. I went back to the past and returned to the previous page to clean the last paypal. I didn’t try it again. It’s really troublesome to send this result to everyone. Thank you.

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    Hello: I forgot to say that I tried to start with a wordpress theme and it also failed. Thank you

    Plugin Support Igor H woo-hc



    Sorry to hear about this, upon checking the images I can see there are 2 plugins regarding this:


    It looks like you would like to keep the first one, WooCommerce Payments, is this correct?

    To take a better look, for a better understanding of the issue, please provide the following:

    * Please send a copy of your site’s System Status: You can find it via WooCommerce > Status. Select “Get system report” and then “Copy for support”.  Do not send it through screenshot but text, that will be more readable. Thanks.

    * Error Log: Share a copy of any fatal error log found under WooCommerce > System Status > Logs (if available).


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    The woocommerce theme startup also failed, and the Meks Quick Plugin Disabler was turned on to start all the plugins one by one. Only one of the woocommerce-dropshipping-plugin plugins would not let me start, and all the other plugins had no problem.

    Thread Starter kpchum2308


    I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with it. Is this how it works?

    ### WordPress Environment ###
    WordPress address (URL):
    Site address (URL):
    WC Version: 6.1.1
    REST API Version: ✔6.1.1
    WC Blocks Version: ✔6.5.2
    Action Scheduler Version: ✔3.4.0
    WC Admin Version: ✔3.0.3
    Log Directory Writable: ✔
    WP Version: 5.9
    WP Multisite: –
    WP Memory Limit: 384 MB
    WP Debug Mode: –
    WP Cron: ✔
    Language: zh_TW
    External object cache: –
    ### Server Environment ###
    Server Info: Apache
    PHP Version: 7.3.33
    PHP Post Max Size: 516 MB
    PHP Time Limit: 30
    PHP Max Input Vars: 1000
    cURL Version: 7.81.0
    SUHOSIN Installed: –
    MySQL Version: 5.6.41-84.1
    Max Upload Size: 512 MB
    Default Timezone is UTC: ✔
    fsockopen/cURL: ✔
    SoapClient: ✔
    DOMDocument: ✔
    GZip: ✔
    Multibyte String: ✔
    Remote Post: ✔
    Remote Get: ✔
    ### Database ###
    WC Database Version: 6.1.1
    WC Database Prefix: wpr0_
    總資料庫大小: 935.46MB
    資料庫資料大小: 694.03MB
    資料庫索引大小: 241.43MB
    wpr0_woocommerce_sessions: 資料:8.02MB + 索引:0.27MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_api_keys: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.06MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_order_items: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_order_itemmeta: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_tax_rates: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.06MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_tax_rate_locations: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_shipping_zones: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_shipping_zone_locations: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_shipping_zone_methods: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_payment_tokens: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_payment_tokenmeta: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woocommerce_log: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_actionscheduler_actions: 資料:5.52MB + 索引:8.92MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_actionscheduler_claims: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_actionscheduler_groups: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_actionscheduler_logs: 資料:5.52MB + 索引:4.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_adsw_activities: 資料:0.06MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_adsw_ali_meta: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_adsw_comments_hash: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_adsw_search_analytics: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_adsw_task_upload_images: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_adsw_variations: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_aioseo_cache: 資料:0.08MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_aioseo_notifications: 資料:0.03MB + 索引:0.06MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_aioseo_posts: 資料:27.56MB + 索引:1.52MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_aioseo_redirects: 資料:0.19MB + 索引:0.14MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_aioseo_redirects_404_logs: 資料:6.52MB + 索引:1.80MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_aioseo_redirects_hits: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_aioseo_redirects_logs: 資料:0.42MB + 索引:0.11MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_aioseo_terms: 資料:0.28MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_brizy_logs: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_cartflows_ca_cart_abandonment: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_cartflows_ca_email_history: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_cartflows_ca_email_templates: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_cartflows_ca_email_templates_meta: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_ce4wp_abandoned_checkout: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_commentmeta: 資料:5.52MB + 索引:6.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_comments: 資料:5.52MB + 索引:2.44MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_eum_logs: 資料:0.22MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_ewwwio_images: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_ewwwio_queue: 資料:2.52MB + 索引:1.52MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_e_submissions: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.27MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_e_submissions_actions_log: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.11MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_e_submissions_values: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_gla_budget_recommendations: 資料:0.22MB + 索引:0.14MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_gla_merchant_issues: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_gla_shipping_rates: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_gla_shipping_times: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_links: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_custom_fields: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_dynamic_segment_filters: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_feature_flags: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_forms: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_log: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_mapping_to_external_entities: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_newsletters: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_newsletter_links: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_newsletter_option: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_newsletter_option_fields: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_newsletter_posts: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_newsletter_segment: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_newsletter_templates: 資料:2.52MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_scheduled_tasks: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_scheduled_task_subscribers: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_segments: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_sending_queues: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_settings: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_statistics_bounces: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_statistics_clicks: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_statistics_forms: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_statistics_newsletters: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_statistics_opens: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.08MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_statistics_unsubscribes: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_statistics_woocommerce_purchases: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.06MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_stats_notifications: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_subscribers: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.13MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_subscriber_custom_field: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_subscriber_ips: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_subscriber_segment: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_user_agents: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_mailpoet_user_flags: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_maxbuttonsv3: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_maxbuttons_collections: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_maxbuttons_collections_trans: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_options: 資料:22.50MB + 索引:1.19MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_postmeta: 資料:393.94MB + 索引:119.34MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_posts: 資料:131.59MB + 索引:39.34MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_rank_math_404_logs: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_rank_math_analytics_gsc: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.06MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_rank_math_analytics_objects: 資料:0.09MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_rank_math_internal_links: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_rank_math_internal_meta: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_rank_math_redirections: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_rank_math_redirections_cache: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_sirv_fetching_errors: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_sirv_images: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_sirv_shortcodes: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_smush_dir_images: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_snippets: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_stripe_transaction_details: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_swis_critical_css: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_swis_queue: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_termmeta: 資料:0.34MB + 索引:0.45MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_terms: 資料:0.44MB + 索引:0.52MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_term_relationships: 資料:1.52MB + 索引:1.45MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_term_taxonomy: 資料:0.41MB + 索引:0.44MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_toolset_associations: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_toolset_post_guid_id: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_toolset_relationships: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.08MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_toolset_type_sets: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_trackship_shipment: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.13MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_trackship_shipment_meta: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_trackship_shipping_provider: 資料:0.05MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_trp_dictionary_zh_tw_en_us: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_trp_gettext_en_us: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_trp_gettext_zh_tw: 資料:0.25MB + 索引:0.27MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_trp_original_meta: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_trp_original_strings: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_usermeta: 資料:0.05MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_users: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wb_sst_broken_url: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_admin_notes: 資料:0.06MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_admin_note_actions: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_category_lookup: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_customer_lookup: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_download_log: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_order_coupon_lookup: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_order_product_lookup: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.06MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_order_stats: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_order_tax_lookup: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.03MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_product_meta_lookup: 資料:6.52MB + 索引:11.69MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_rate_limits: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_reserved_stock: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_tax_rate_classes: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wc_webhooks: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wdr_order_discounts: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wdr_order_item_discounts: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wdr_rules: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wfls_2fa_secrets: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_woo_shippment_provider: 資料:0.09MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wpforms_entries: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wpforms_entry_fields: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wpforms_entry_meta: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.02MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wpforms_tasks_meta: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wpmailsmtp_debug_events: 資料:0.06MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wpmailsmtp_tasks_meta: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wpr_rucss_resources: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.06MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wpr_rucss_used_css: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.05MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wpvivid_scan_result: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
    wpr0_wpvivid_unused_uploads_files: 資料:0.02MB + 索引:0.00MB + 引擎 InnoDB
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    Brizy: 由 – 2.3.29
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    DavidAnderson –
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    Nikhil Chavan – 1.6.9
    Site Kit by Google: 由 Google – 1.50.0
    Toolset Types: 由 OnTheGoSystems – 3.3.10
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    Woo Discount Rules PRO 2.0: 由 Flycart – 2.3.12
    WP AutoTerms: 由 WP AutoTerms – 2.4.9
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    Mike Hansen – 0.3
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    2022-02-01T01:41:12+00:00 CRITICAL Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded at /home2/twofoxn6/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4782

    2022-02-01T02:01:47+00:00 CRITICAL Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded at /home2/twofoxn6/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1686

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    2022-02-01T03:06:36+00:00 CRITICAL Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded at /home2/twofoxn6/public_html/wp-includes/l10n.php on line 297

    2022-02-01T03:17:10+00:00 CRITICAL Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded at /home2/twofoxn6/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 495

    2022-02-01T03:29:25+00:00 CRITICAL Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded at /home2/twofoxn6/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 265

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    Stack trace:
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    #1 /home2/twofoxn6/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(307): Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\InstallJPAndWCSPlugins->install_jp_and_wcs_plugins(Object(Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\Note))
    #2 /home2/twofoxn6/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(331): WP_Hook->apply_filters(”, Array)
    #3 /home2/twofoxn6/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php(474): WP_Hook->do_action(Array)
    #4 /home2/twofoxn6/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/packages/woocommerce-admin/src/Notes/Notes.php(352): do_action(‘woocommerce_not…’, Object(Automattic\WooCommerce\ on /home2/twofoxn6/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/packages/woocommerce-admin/src/Notes/InstallJPAndWCSPlugins.php on line 114

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    Plugin Support Mirko P. woo-hc


    Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing your system status and error logs.

    but I always have to go to payment and press Stripe management, and I will immediately pop up

    These steps are not clear to me. Can you describe step by step where do you click and what happens? For each step that you take, please share a screenshot using which is what we recommend using in order to share screenshots on these forums.

    Also, I see you’re sending your system status but there are still 23 active plugins. As advised earlier kindly disable all plugins except WooCommerce and WooCommerce Payments which should be the plugin you’re using to process payments.

    Lastly, if your issue is related to WooCommerce Payments it’s recommended to open a thread in the related support forum: since this specific forum is for the WooCommerce core plugin.


    Thread Starter kpchum2308


    I would like to ask Jiansheng. I’m really not good at making changes in this area. Now I can’t receive the payment at all. I went to Cpanel → File Manager → Publis_html → removed the data in wp-conten and restarted and tried to activate the payment function. The result is the same, I want to clear it more thoroughly. I want to clear all my account data in the MySQL@ database, but I don’t know if I can do this, so I have to choose to just remove the data in wp-conten and go Reloaded once and restarted again. This time, the reactivation is completely different from the previous one. The only thing that has not changed is that it is still pressed to manage and it will go back to the past. The only thing that will not go back to the past is PayPal. I can’t start paypal with woo paypal, but this time woo paypal can start paypal for the first time. I don’t know that using sandbox test can only test in essence. When the real test paypal is going to pay, I will quit. As for the other two items in the payment stage, press Manage as before and go back to the past immediately.

    Plugin Support Mirko P. woo-hc


    Hey @kpchum2308,

    This all seems pretty confusing and I wouldn’t recommend removing any data from the database as this could cause further and major issues to your site.

    What you can do is duplicate your site where you could check the issue further and perform tests without affecting the production site.

    Some hosts offer staging sites facilities, but if you don’t have such a feature, you can create one with the WP Staging plugin.

    Once you have the staging site, I’d suggest turning off all plugins except WooCommerce and the payment gateway plugin you want to use to perform tests.

    Let us know if we can assist any further.


    Plugin Support Chris Moreira – a11n


    Hi @kpchum2308!

    Sorry for this back and forth.

    Can you help me with these questions to understand a bit more your needs?

    1. Do you want to use Stripe or WooCommerce Payments on your site?
    2. What specific error have you gotten trying to set up your payment gateways?

    I am looking forward to your response soon.

    Plugin Support Margaret S. woo-hc


    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m marking this thread as closed for now – we’ll be here if and/or when you are ready to continue.

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