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  • Hello everyone,

    I am trying to use an appointment plugin named Bookly by Ladela.

    When I setup the Front Page area and change the Feature Pages Options to lead to one my pages where I placed the appointment app and short code when I return to the main page I see the following under the image:

    /* Service */ .ab-label-error, label.ab-category-title, a {color: #f4662f!important;} .ab-next-step, .ab-mobile-next-step, .ab-mobile-prev-step, …

    I’ve contacted the plugin creator and they state that its because Customizr calls for a Strip_tag function…Now you guys might guys that this isn’t my daily rodeo to put bread and butter on my table…so bare with me here.

    They also say that it should be able to be fixed in the homepage template file.

    Is that fixable? because I love the theme and I love the plugin but they need to work together better than tuna and chocolate (Don’t knock it…its not that bad!) and I don’t really want to switch on either or both.

    here is the page link:

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  • Grrr I’ve faked a solution that works as our business is open…I’ve simply put some text in the Features Text 200 Characters Maximum Box and it has masked the error.

    I’d really like to see a fix for this but the show must go on.

    Yeah this is a good solution, or also you can set the page excerpt when editing the page.
    Also because what should the summary of that page display?

    Took sometime to get back here.

    The summary could have been anything other than the code for the plug-in ;).

    However, if I use the excerpt, the code still shows after the text that is dropped in so the best solution was to simply fake it.



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