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    Is there anyway to make the blog strip certain HTML codes from the post when it is posted. I am often copying and pasting in articles that mess up my blog. I manually have to go in and remove DIV, TABLE, and other tags so the post works properly.

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  • The best way: to kill the wysiwyg editor.

    I realize that, but I need the simple editor so that people can post the blog easily. Most know absolutely no HTML code. Most of the articles are being grabbed from the web to be discussed internally.

    Then you are doomed. The wysiwyg editor is a much more dangerous thing in the hand of computer-illiterate people than you think… For posting something in WP’s “normal” editor they don’t really need the wysiwyg. Just teach them to paste the text and hit publish. That’s enough for them 🙂

    actually, you are right. it will be much easier for them to paste the text in and just highlight to bold the section titles and put a link around the article title linking to the source.

    i just did it from admin w/ wysiwyg off (disabled already due to runPHP) and it worked out much easier than the hassles i have sometimes on what seem to be the easiest articles.

    thanks a bunch.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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