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  • If i understand correctly, Strict validation is for structure-only html, and Transitional allows for some appearence attributes. Is WP ever aiming for “Strict”? How would one control such things as tables in one particular post (like i want one with borders, but not the next one) ?

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  • Tables are not deprecated in the Strict doctype; they do have their place, and the authors of the HTML standard recognized this. For your particular example you would need to control your table borders using CSS, but this is not an insurmountable obstacle.
    As I understand it, though, the default WordPress template already conforms to XHTML Strict. They gave it the Transitional doctype so that posters can add some presentational elements and things will still validate.

    Yes, i was thinking about table borders when i posted the above. The other day i posted a table on my website, and i had to write border=”1″ in the post itself, to get borders. Which got me thinking:
    The h3 tag for each post presently contains an id attribute with the post’s ID number in the database. Now, if the div “meta” and the div “storycontent” for each post also contained that same post ID, as the admin i could create a CSS file, with the same title attribute as my “preferred” CSS in the link rel that calls it from my page’s header section, and in that CSS file put the IDs of the particular posts i want to influence.
    Then the qustion would remain as to how other authors (and which, depending on their level) would do the same – add formatting for their post in CSS syntax to an appended CSS file. Maybe an editor for posts’ formatting.
    That might be a step towards making WP sites validate as Strict.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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