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    I’m trying to get the border of the #menu stretch to however long the page is displayed. same goes with the #content. but im having problems doing so
    if you look, it stops right when theres no more text to ‘fill it in.’
    also, i’m having compatibility issues with FireFox 0.8 and IE6. theres a gap in the #content when viewing with FireFox. Same goes with Safari. IE 5.2 on the mac, its ALL messed up, nothing shows up.
    I’m not sure how to deal with that…

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  • ahhh — thank you much!

    First of all, the tag is closed properly.
    Second of all, you don’t seem to understand dieiri87’s question. I fail to see what your suggestions do to fix the problem. Maybe I’m just missing something…

    *the tag wasn’t closed, but was later fixed*
    simple mistake, oh well.
    Thanks for the responses.
    What i did to the #menu was add a ‘100%’ height, and that works for firefox and safari. IE doesn’t recognize it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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