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  • Hi ya, i have completed my theme to match my existing site and have to say it was much easier than expected (thanks wordpress team!), however i did already know php basics. Recommended to anyone trying skin wp is to learn php basics (if, for, echo etc.)

    Anyway my only problem is that when i click on a post to read it the layout stretches to the right! Why should this happen. My temp URL is:
    Click on a post and see the stretch. It happens when you look at comments as well. What am i missing. My layout is table based and i dont use header or sidebar.php, i imported their php in to index.php for ease.

    Cheers K.

    PS. I have only posted the link to my site on this forum and already im getting comment spam!

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  • One of the first things that should be recommended is to make sure comment spam is TURNED ON and activated. Pain, I know, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be protected. WordPress isn’t the only blogging software smacked by the beasties.

    Okay, I took a look and the only thing I can guess at, and it’s a guess, is that the style you are using (you didn’t say) might not have the right CSS for the boxes….wait, you said this is a table-based design?

    Someone should be shot. There is a “guideline” (I call it a RULE) that web pages be designed with CSS and not tables. Tables are for data, not design. Whoever designed this theme, repeat after me: DATA not DESIGN.

    I was going to say that your page might be using single.php in order to “showcase” a single post and the problem might be that a missing style or wrong style that sets the width of the box to larger than the page (150%, 900px, 600em…something strange) because of a typo or neglect…but if this is in tables, the problem may lie there. Much more complex.

    Also, while you may think it is easier to add the sidebar.php and such to your index.php…it might have been there that a little slip occurred. Not sure. Have you run your site through validation?

    Lorelle said: Someone should be shot.

    I use tables because I use Fireworks for design and it exports to Dreamweaver as tables. I know ‘strictly’ tables are not for design: check out my recent thread here:

    But anyway, the cell which the php generated content is in has a static pixel width. And i guess the same template is used for both the blog home and the full blogs themselves (ie. when you click on a blog title). I really dont think tables are more complex that css for layout, come on. Is that a joke?

    I doubt adding sidebar.php to index.php is how this has occured either because sidebar.php is simply included from index.php anyway, having the same effect as copy paste.

    Thanks Kris.

    PS. Yes, content spam is turned om, thanks. All the spam is from the same URL!!

    Problem found: it is the form in the comments.php template found by process of slow illimination.
    The form for what ever reason was stretching the table! I think the form needs some css to give it a set width as not to break my design 🙂

    Cheers Kris.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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