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  • Alright, I have been all over the web and simply cannot find a solution to my – apparently deceptively complicated – website proposal.

    Here is what I want:

    1) User finds my website

    2) User views sample videos (~2min) in the video gallery section of my website — Probably hosted by Youtube

    3) At the end of the sample video, user is given a link to purchase access to the full video. The access would be streaming-only, and the user would have access to the video for a set period of time

    I am getting hung up on #3. I thought about creating a MindBites site, hosting my videos there, and linking to MindBites from my site, however, MindBites takes a considerable percentage out of my earnings, and I am already paying for plenty of hosting…

    So, I am asking the wordpress community to help me out!

    I think I need one of these in order to make this work:

    1) A WP plugin that can handle the purchasing of streaming video. (as of yet, I cannot find a suitable plug-in that accomplishes what I want

    2) OR I need to have a custom plug-in built that suits my needs. (I am fairly new to WordPress, and therefore I do not know where to go to contract the building of a custom plug-in)

    3) OR I could develop my own custom plug-in. (Again, I am fairly new to WordPress, and while I am tech-savvy, I would need some advice on where to learn about developing new plug-ins)

    4) OR perhaps WordPress is the wrong software to use for a site of this nature! (If this is the case, I just need someone to tell me that I am using the wrong equipment for the job…)

    5) OR all of this is dead wrong and I am way off the mark! In which case I could use someone who is willing to attempt to steer me in the right direction…

    Again, I have spent a considerable amount of energy researching this problem, and have been unable to develop a satisfactory plan for implementing my idea.

    Any and all help is appreciated!

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