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    ok i know nothing so feel free to answer/not answer any of the following:
    a) is it even possible to have streaming audio in a blog and WP in particular?
    b) do i need some sort of plug-in for this activity?
    c) if not streaming audio, can i post a link that will allow users to download an mp3?
    d) is it at all legal to post copywrited music? what about just clips? and that’s why i wanted to stream it but not offer downloads–i don’t want to give mp3s away (except for my own recorded music) but i want people to be able to hear clips or whole songs that i talk about…

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    one more thing
    e)currently i just direct people to places music is already posted on the web, but then they have to scroll down a page and find a link, etc. i would be happy if they could click on a link on my page and be automatically directed to the (i assume legal) sound file on someone else’s page so it began playing instantly. can this be done?



    Right, you can stream audio with … pretty good and streams good quality.
    Little SWF player that you can also customize …



    Also, I use . They have a flash plugin that is pretty simple to install and use, which streams MP3’s…you can check it out on my site at . There should be one in the 3rd or 4th most recent post. The plugin is called ‘wimpy button’ on their site.



    Radioblogclub is free.

    a) yes, you can stream in WordPress.
    b) the Flast Filter Plus plugin is at
    c) the plugin helps you create an internal link that streams and can be saved to the users computer using Windows Media Player (maybe others too). I’d like to be able to modify the code so it only streams and cannot be saved, but don’t know how. If someone out there does, please let us know.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “I’d like to be able to modify the code so it only streams and cannot be saved, but don’t know how.”

    That is very very easily worked round. There are easily obtainable programs to capture streamed audio and video.

    I use the Flast Filter Plus plugin at I was just copying the code after uploading a file and pasting it in a page. This requires a third party application like Real Player or Windows Media to play the file. But I read the “Read Me” file last night and got the flash player working. Now (with a little extra coding on the page) a mp3 plays from a little player right from the page and cannot be saved by right-clicking on it. I’m sure there is still a way to save it but it’s not readily apparent.



    >>I’m sure there is still a way to save it but it’s not readily apparent.<<

    It’s readily apparent if you look at your page code. I posted a test MP3 by following the directions in the read-me file (which includes specifying the URL of the audio in brackets). That URL appears in the page source, so someone could download it directly. There may be ways to prevent THAT–and they may be simple and obvious once they’re pointed out–but I don’t know about them.



    Even if you hide the file within, say, a flash object (not a player) if it’s coming out of the persons sound card, it can be captured and saved as an mp3. There is NO fail safe way of doing it.



    Even if its from a player , it can be captured .

    flash is not safe , it can be decompiled easly

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