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    Hello! Awesome plugin you have made here. I do have a problem that has arose though. I looked around at other threads and did stumble upon something related to my problem.

    I followed the directions there and I added my streams correctly. Now, the widget shows on the custom page correctly but the problem here is that there is some misalignment between the streams. Not only that, but this shows up before the stream name: target=”_blank”>

    So for example: target=”_blank”>StreamTV

    Another problem I came across was that I could only get two streams to go on one row. I tried different numbers in the CSS options to try to see if i could get 3 streams on one row, but no good. The last thing I have a problem or curious about is dealing with if a stream is offline. For some reason, one of my streams is not displaying an offline image or just a still image in general. If an image is not shown, it throws off the layout since there’s no picture to show if it’s online or not. I tried re-adding the stream multiple of times but no go.

    Any help would be appreciated. I’m new with WordPress so I don’t really know its ins and outs yet. Thanks again and for the awesome plugin.

    Here’s a small screenshot on what I mean, if it’ll help that deals with the things I listed earlier.

    As you see, the 3rd stream below has no image at all.

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  • Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas



    First, about the “target=blank” problem – I feel that it’s some issue with your theme. Can you try another theme and see if the issue persists? E.g. ‘Twenty twelve’ from default WP installation

    Also check your menu item title, does it include only ‘FGTV Live’, etc.?


    Okay, so I switched the theme to Twenty Twelve and it worked fine. It seems like it might have to do with my theme for the whole “target=blank” problem. I sort of had a hunch about why this could happen and do you think it have might to deal with the sidebar width or something? I’m making the the stream page with the page template of using the whole width of my content area so that it removes my sidebars for the stream page. Maybe there might be some formatting in the CSS that is still thinking the sidebar is there or something? That’s the only reason why I think the three streams wouldn’t fit on one row.

    The last stream is still not showing an offline image either. I re-added it in the new theme as well but only two of the streams are showing up. I know that they’re online so they’ll show up, but I also allowed for offline streams to show up and for the picture to show up but no go. Any idea how I could get this to properly work on my theme as well? Thanks for the reply, Tadas. Any help with be appreciated.

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    How are you putting widgets on your full width page? Are you using ‘Widgets on Pages’ plugin?

    Twitch will return stream information only if the stream is online, so you need to wait for stream to come online at least once. Then the plugin will read information from Twitch and store it into DB for later usage (and update when available). You can use ‘hide offline’ or ‘hide offline images’ in widget options.

    It would be helpful if you hosted your site somewhere and provided me an URL, so I could take a look into those CSS issues.

    I’m sorry if you missed what I said earlier, but I followed the same exact directions as the one in the other thread that you mentioned on how to make a live stream page with widgets on pages. Your plugin is working fine on the pages, it’s just the whole target=blank situation, and not being able to fit 3 streams on one row. If I could center them too, that would be very helpful.

    I don’t want my site to go live yet and as of now, it’s hidden but I’ll open it just for you to look at the coding/CSS or whatever is needed. I’ll leave it open until you figure out what’s wrong with it. Hopefully you can get it done in a day or two. I don’t want the actual site to be active as of now, after all. Just making sure but, I only need the stream page for help, not necessarily the plugin itself.

    Is there an email that I could contact you with or something? I can’t seem to find anything like private messaging on this site.

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    Please contact me at tadas dot krivickas at gmail

    I’ve sent you an email with the information. Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    Just remove padding/margin from parent elements and it will fit 3 streams per row.

    #OTTStreams > ul,
    #OTTStreams > ul > li,
    #OTTStreams div.lsb-status-widget-holder > ul {
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;

    And regarding links, it is a theme or other plugin issue as I see some extra markup being output. Try disabling all other plugins, then you know it is a theme issue. If that’s the case, I would recommend using some existing themes, you can find one looking almost the same I think.

    Thanks, that CSS did help. The theme I created seems to be causing that problem so I’ll do something about that myself. Thanks for everything and I hope your future plugins go well for you.

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    Glad to help. Feel free to contact if you have any issues concerning the plugin. Enjoy!


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