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  • Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    For single streams, you can use an embed shortcode in a text widget to display the embed. Check the installation page for shortcode documentation.

    Displaying actual streams in Stream status widget can be quite tricky in terms of page performance. Say I have 15 streams in the sidebar and they all are live at a given point of time. What would happen then?

    Yeah I’m just using it for 1. Would putting the shortcode inside the plugin if it detects the stream online work?

    Drupal has a plugin for this. If the stream is offline it either has offline like yours, or a thumnbail, if it’s online it embeds a small stream with the volume off. I believe each stream is configurable as far as if it’s live to embed the stream, so if you have 15 streams, no big deal. I think it also has a max number of streams to embed, so if you have 15 all online, it would only embed a couple.

    Also, isn’t what I’m suggesting already on 1 of the streams is online and there’s an embed.

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    There’s no embed there, but a live screencap (which updates time from time) – simply put, just an image. It can be set to display a screencap in widget options.

    Oh ok, so instead of a live screenshot, can it be an embed?

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    Could you deploy a demo of how Drupal renders it (live and non-live)?

    Yep I’ll do a local install and install the plugin. I’ll let you know when. 🙂

    …Drupal is such a PITA. lol

    Instead see – If you can catch it between 6 PM – 8 PM EST they livestream. Outside of those hours you’ll see the offline icon.

    If you’re considering feature requests for this, let me know and I can organize my requests in a much more organized way.. heh. I have some ideas how the display and admin could work.

    We really need a solid plugin for this. The other one doesn’t work and it appears development has stopped. I’d be more than happy to make a donation as well.

    In case you missed the stream, I put a live screen cap at

    Have you had a chance to take a look?

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    I have installed Drupal, media_twitch and all other required modules. Yet I’m struggling to setup a stream list and haven’t been able to find any documentation on that module. Could you share any information how to do it?

    Does help?

    If not, it just checks to see if it’s online likes yours and embeds HTML based on that.

    The default embed is –

    <object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” height=”378″ width=”620″ id=”live_embed_player_flash” data=”” bgcolor=”#000000″>
    <param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true” />
    <param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always” />
    <param name=”allowNetworking” value=”all” />
    <param name=”movie” value=”” />
    <param name=”flashvars” value=”″ /></object>
    Watch live video from WikiGameGuides on

    And the default chat is

    <iframe frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” id=”chat_embed” src=”” height=”500″ width=”350″></iframe>

    They’re live now at the left column of if you want to take a look.

    I also would be interested in a “channel” list.

    Basically, 1 large screen with a list of streams are available. People on my site could then pick and choose which they want to watch at a given time, kind of like television.

    @tadas, I think a much more simple solution for this is to simply check the stream’s status like you’re already doing.

    If it’s online, include the content from an online page. If it’s offline, include the content from an online page.

    That content from the online page could contain the status, the code for the embed, whatever they want.

    @rich, that’s a great idea. I’ve seen that done “manually” where the channels were predetermined. The page consisted of 4 frames with a stream in each.

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