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  • I just wanted to say “congratulations” and that I think “Strayhorn” is a much cooler name than the rumoured “Arlen”.

    Is there a history of WP version names somewhere?

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  • According to my archive of files:
    1.0.1 – miles
    1.0.2 – blakey
    1.2 – mingus

    No names other than those afaik.
    The surnames, interestingly, are all ‘zip’ 🙂

    Hey, both are cool in their own way! But I will admit that “Strayhorn,” removed from its context, does carry a certain funky quality.

    A history of WordPress versions can be found here:

    It doesn’t currently make reference to the nicks (making a note to slip them in). Beyond what podz has, anyone know if they go back any further?

    I mean, Harold Arlen is great but not really jazz. Billy Strayhorn is jazz.

    I wonder when we’ll get to “Armstrong”.

    Looks like it started with 1.0.1, then. (Well, I guess gold and platinum count as version names, but not of the same sort.) Thanks podz.

    Let us not forget that there was once a nightly build entitled “moose”!

    /me remembers that build fondly …..

    Named for Bull Moose Jackson, no doubt.

    LOL…nope named for Nuclear Moose.


    Did I just shamelessly plug my own site? BAD MOOSE!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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